Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We (as in me – Jackie) are trying something new this year. The holiday blog. Our family is wishing you a season and a new year of sweet, meaningful moments. Moments that keep your heart tender, and full of grace and gratitude. Around here that means funny dinner conversations, hugs, being out in nature, an act of charity, those sweet (and sarcastic) nicknames we have for each other, a quiet evening with everyone’s nose in a book, and hearing from you. 

 Another year under our belts (that might be why my clothes are fitting tighter).  Here are a few things that happened in 2007.  Marshall got his driving permit, and I’m finally beginning to understand why parents actually look forward to their kids being able to drive – as it seems every five minutes I’m driving someone somewhere.  Also, his latest campaign is for us to allow him to have a pet rat.  EWWWWW!  Everett started Jr. High here in Aurora.  He seems to have transitioned without a hitch.  And I love the fact that he is so embarrassed by Brian and I, because it gives us so much ammunition….Bwahhahaha!  Nate is in 4th grade and apparently is the class entertainer (not so much he gets in trouble, thankfully).  I guess all those hours of watching SpongeBob, Myth Busters and Survivor Man have paid off.  One of these days I expect one of the boys to blow something up, or to look out in the backyard and see them camped out wearing nothing but loinclothes.  They are definitely in touch with their inner savages.   

So, that’s a glimpse into our lives and for further glimpses you can peruse the rest of the blog.  For those of you new to blogs the most recent entry is listed first.  So, for a full understanding of the evolution of the B.L.A.H. blog you have to scroll down to the bottom and start with the earliest date working your way to the top.  Also since I can’t figure out how to reduce the size of my pictures you have to click on the blue numbers and they will come in huge, but if you have the patience and give it a few seconds they will pop up normal size.  Then you have to back page to get back to the blog.  No offense taken (besides I’ll never know) if you just roll your eyes at such foolishness and move on to more important matters like shopping on line or YouTube viewing…….

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  1. MCM says:

    Hey! I found youuuuu! Lovely pics of your leetle man-cubs…good golly, how tall is Marshall now anyway? I thought I was the only one who went about sniffing arm pits that were not directly attached to my self…

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