valentine trees

I had so much fun making Christmas trees from this pattern, shared with me by Melinda. So I decided to make Valentine trees (please ignore the cat hair, dammit I’m going to fire my photo stylist!). It’s still January so I might get them done in time. I’m hoping to send a couple to my mobile swap partner along with the completed mobile. Some picture here of the ideas so far for that.  Lately I’ve been feeling blog saturation, there are so many creative blogs that I want to keep up with, and each one of those has so many links, and it just makes me crazy. And I collect inspiration and ideas and they sit in my brain or my notebook instead of becoming, because I use my time blog reading instead of creating. I guess there could be worse vices, reality tv show for one.
Ramblings:  I was so happy to see that Walmart and Price Cutter are offering reusable grocery bags. The Walmart bags are only a buck apiece, while the Price Cutter bags are around 4 or 5 bucks  actually I’m not sure what the price is.  Sadly I have yet to see anyone purchase them or use them.  I might get a bunch of the Walmart ones and hand them out to my friends and family.   More cheapness out there – Brian ordered prescription sunglasses online and I ordered regular glasses online here.  I had laser surgery on my eyes a few years ago, but lately have been having trouble with night driving and watching the boys’ sporting events.  Anyway, my glasses (these are prescription glasses) are $39.00 and Brian’s prescription sunglasses were around $49.00 plus no shipping costs.  Compare that to the regular prescription glasses Brian bought at the eye doctor’s for around $400.00.  I’ll report back as to the quality and fit when we receive them.  Brian had heard about cheap glasses through the Clark Howard radio show, and I caught a link through Blair’s blog.
Oh and another thing –  I happened to glance at a guitar magazine that Marshall was reading and it had an advertisement for Postal Monkey guitar cases, and it occurred to me that anytime you add the word Monkey to something it automatically makes it sound hip and fun loving in a slightly anti-establishment kind of way.  Try it…Craft Monkey, Monkey Food, Monkey Dirt, Glass Monkey…. see what I mean?!
Lastly, I just finished reading Lamb, by Christopher Moore and LOVED it.  It’s somewhat irreverent (okay, a lot irreverent) but I felt it was funny and poignant.  Am currently reading a book given to me by my friend Lynne, The Woman at the Washington Zoo/Marjorie Williams.  It is filled with essays about politics, family, and her own fateful battle with cancer. It’s very good.

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  1. Melinda says:

    OH.MY.SWEET.ZEUS. Lots of VDay tree love headed your way! What a cool twist on the “littlebirds” tree pattern…MCM

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