favorite flickr moss photos

Right now I have this fascination with moss. And a fascination with somehow combining mobiles and moss.  But perhaps a saner project would be moss in a terrarium. As if I need any more projects whatsoever (%%&*!!#*&# crazy woman get a hold of yourself!!)  Speaking of projects, I actually have a couple of people who have asked me to make chocolates for their valentines.  So tomorrow I’m busy working on mocha truffles, orange hazelnut bark, black and white paves, chocolate-dipped almond marbles, and toffee. So really I should be heading to bed right this very minute to be fresh and productive tomorrow!

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  1. Claudia says:

    I woudl love to make a terrarium but the owner of the flower shop thinks that my husband and I dont have what it takes. Every month we managed to kill a plant. But we get a new one…very lucrative for the flower shop!!! And the cat doesn’t help 😉

  2. Melinda says:

    …ummm, so you have to show me how to do the pic collage thing! Very exquisite/gorgeous/dang pretty!. and this is yet another point in our relationship where I admit to one more similarity we have…yeah, I’ve always had the moss facination/love going on too, I drive my kids nuts pointign out all the pretty moss on our nature walks…how’s the choclate coming along…(yeay tempering?…)

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