Escaping the doldrums.

This morning we are off to spend time in nature, perhaps staying at a cabin and doing some hiking.  Basically just getting away.  Quite frankly my spirit is being crushed by the constant counter wiping, cooking, laundry, dirty bathrooms, and staring endlessly into the fridge and cupboards to come up with yet another meal.  Really looking forward to hitting the trail, looking for the perfect “smoothpebble”, and maybe catching sight of an eagle or an interesting bit of lichen.  Love to watch the kids outside too, because it’s as if they become more of themselves – interested and curious, and full of life.  Maybe when I get back I’ll be recharged enough to do my own February Ten.  This little idea planted by Amanda – to make note of ten joys to be found in February.

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  1. Ah, I’m in envy. I’m so ready to get back out on the trail.
    Are you getting away from the boys too, or just the house?

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