Escape the doldrums we did!!!

We had a delightful time escaping to a river-front tree house cabin.  It was just what was needed to get us all out of our ruts.  We stayed at the River of Life Farm by the N. Fork of the White River.  It is located near Dora, Missouri.  The cabin was great fun with a loft where the boys slept, a fireplace, and an awesome view.  There was a hiking trail just covered with moss, lichen, pinecones, hanging vines to swing from, etc.  It was a virtual Mossapalooza as you can see by the above photos.  We tried to absorb every atom of our setting as we could.  And for Marshall he got to be out in the wilds and get cell phone reception at the top of the mountain.  What more do you need?  Now, I must take my little refreshed self and complete the mobile.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I could just cry. That description just makes me want so badly for the weather to change. I am just so ready to get out on the trail and absorb all those things you talked about.

  2. i’m so glad i’m not the only one that takes lots of pictures of moss! i am fascinated by it (and lichen!).

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