4.  Soup, lots and lots of soup.

5.  A new tradition started – to spend President’s weekend at the tree house cabin.

6.  My twin neices, Eleanor and Lily, were born in February.  Happy belated 2nd birthday sweetness 1 & 2.  Your birthday gifts are coming soon, Aunt Jackie is just a horrible, very bad person who is never on time with anything.  See I don’t deserve that day at the spa.

7.  The bare bones architecture of the trees and plants.  Look this is my list, so what if I was complaining about the landscape earlier.  Sheesh, make your own list and stop arguing with me about mine.

8.  A stack of library books.  Most of these are tales from around the world.  Reading picture books to any of the boys is time that is dear to my heart, and I know it won’t last much longer.

9.  February is a short month, and you know spring is right around the corner.
10.  I give up…… I’m one short, but again, it’s my list and I’m okay with that.

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