A conversation about orange.

Nate looking through the Lego catalog, “I want this recycling truck.  I really like the orangeness of it.”

Me responding, “That’s interesting, I’m really liking orange right now.  I used to hate the color orange.”

Nate, “I never hated orange, I just forgot about it sometimes.”

And here he is in the white tuxedo that was the top priority item on his list to Santa.  Isn’t Santa awesome!  He wore this last week for dress up day at school.  And you should know, he picked out the pink carnation himself.

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  1. what a cutie! he’ll be heartbreaker soon…

    i, too, used to hate orange, but currently it’s my favorite color. and just have to say, love the bowl your oranges are in!

  2. MCM says:

    …a sharp dressed man…who can pick out appropriate flowers no less, he’s a dangerous one! are the ladies calling yet? be afraid, be very afraid!

  3. I love that quote!!! Makes me want to post it in the art room someplace or in the altered book I’m working on.

    For some reason, I can’t see the photo of the tuxedo. I’ll try again later.

  4. Oh, there’s the photo! Wow!!!!!!!!!! He’s sharp as a tack. What inspired his desire for a white tux? That’s awesome!

  5. Aunt Kristi says:

    Nate: You are so sharp in your white tux !!!! You are awesome !!!!

  6. I’ve never seen anything quite so awesome as a young man who seeks out the white tux.

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