No, I don’t wanna get up!

Who are the idiots that decided this?  This getting up earlier and making it start in March? Who?  Because I want to kick them. In the shin. Hard.  What in the world makes them think this will save energy?  Because we had plenty of lights on this morning as we stumbled around bleary eyed.  Plenty!  and just out of rage and tantrumitis I wanted to turn all of the lights on, and call up those idiots and tell them to stop spending our tax money on making decisions that just make us miserable.  I’m sorry I’m not a morning person, can you tell?  And just so you know I’m not the only one throwing tantrums around here – check in on Jan.  And just so you are not left with bitterness and ranting, there is more papercutting sweetness here.  This was shared with me by Carrie, who also has some quilting and illustrating sweetness here.

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  1. Melinda says:

    so my husband, he’s all about the daylight savings time…like its the best thing ever?..i don’t understand it…because i’m with you, why can’t i just stay in bed until my over fourty bones hurt so much i have to get up…

  2. ugh. i know. i was so proud of myself last week – i was managing to get up earlier and earlier with the sun. this morning, not so great. was half hour late for work while i huddled under the covers in the dark. on the other hand, though, having that daylight at night last night was great. but my internal clock is still a bit wonky.

  3. You crack me up!!!!


  4. Claudia says:

    I hate that getting up earlier thing. I was so “not there” in the morning that I didn’t realised that my underwear were inside out…for an entire day!

  5. Thanks for the nice comments! We are struggling with the hour change right after adjusting to an hour change traveling to CO and back to WA in the past 2 weeks…I am all out of whack!

  6. whooo-hooo! i’m still adjusting, but at least i’ve managed to get my underwear on right-side in, while dressing in the dark! 😉

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