More Week of Embroidery and a sad tale….

More Week of Embroidery items.  The bird was embroidered using the Aunt Martha hot iron transfer patterns.  We have a local five and dime store that sells the pattern packets for less than a dollar.  They have all kinds of the “days of the week” animal sets, these bird patterns, fruits and vegetables.  These are what my grandmother always made her tea towel sets with, so I have a certain nostalgic fondness for them.  Here is another bird pattern and a pea pattern.

And now for the sad tale….. do any of you remember those creepy junior high days?  You know those days of akwardness and trying to fit in and the cruelty that ran rampant in junior high hallways and behind everyone’s back and sometimes shouted right in your face?  Or maybe I’m the only one that experienced this, and thus the sad tale.

Obviously I’m still trying to reassure myself, as this is on my refrigerator today.  I’m getting to the sad tale, but first setting the stage.  This weekend my sister-in-law, my mom and I were having a pleasant conversation.  Somehow the subject of junior high came up and my mom hit me with a completely repressed memory.  It has to do with unwashed hair.  I know, already you are getting clammy and anxious.  Here is what my mom says, “I wouldn’t let Jackie wash her hair in the mornings, because she was always so pokey and I knew she would be late to school every morning.  So, I made her wash it the night before.  Only it wasn’t until her friends told me that she was going over to their house to wash it before school that I let her.”  My first reaction to this was Oh.My. Gosh. that is sooooo not true.  My second reaction was Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t believe you are sharing this story in front of Katherine.  (because immediately in the pit of my stomach I was feeling all those same horrible junior high feelings)  And my third reaction was Oh. My. Gosh. this is where it all started, this explains so much, and now that you bring it up mother this is why children think their parents are idiots. (I say that in the most loving way mom, because really I’ve worked through it and really I’m okay now!)

Why am I sharing this here, I’m not sure.  But I think there is a lesson in there somewhere.

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  1. Melinda says:

    …so was it something in the air? all the nasty preservatives in the pork product? or some secret ingredient that was added to all their hormone supplements this month?…because at MY mother’s house this weekend she felt the need to drag out everyone’s Jr. Hi grade cards…and my baby brother felt the need to announce that I, during certain quarters, actually only got an A- or B+ in “Attitude/Deportment/Working With Others” WTF? I WAS POLLYANNA FOR ZEUS’ SAKE all through Jr Hi/Hi school, WHO DID THEY GIVE THE A+ to? WHO? …and yes, I’m SO completely over it I have no idea why I even felt the need to mention it…!

  2. junior high memories are best left repressed! 🙂

  3. Claudia says:

    junior high…what is junior high…don’t remember 😉

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, man! Jr. High was the WORST. On the plus side, your pillow with bird embroidery looks fantastic!

  5. Claudia says:

    I forgot to tell you how much I love your pillow. The little details are so cute! I should get those hot iron transfer patterns. Maybe online?

  6. Anna Yamaura says:

    I’m with Jen on that one. Loving all the embroidery that you are showing us this week too.

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