Week of Embroidery cont.

Here is a crewel embroidery that I made using a pattern from this book.  And here are more examples of the patterns that I have yet to make.  So many projects, so little time.  It makes the satisfaction of completing something all the more sweet.

But I’m not the only one that works on projects around here.  Marshall and his BFF (I’m sure that’s not the term boys use) Aaron ordered engines from ebay to attach to bicycles, creating mopeds.  They basically put these together themselves with a little help from their dads, and they have been riding them around town ever since.  Their friend Brandon also built one and they met for breakfast yesterday morning and rode them to school, and then to track practice after school.  Since we live in a small town, they have had a day of fame (later in their lives to be referred to as their glory days).  And it is so green – 100 miles to the tank, which makes me very happy!

Marshall’s moped.

Aaron’s moped.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow!!!!!!! Those bikes are the coolest!

    Are you going to mention to the boys that they could make a “fortune” selling bikes with those things????

    I want one!

  2. Melinda says:

    …so is it creepy if I admit my 15 year old self probably would have had a big crush on your son & his pals with all their mad bike skillz? (…yeah it is, sorry…I wouldn’t have had the social skills to do anything about it? does that help?…no, it doesn’t, I’ll quit now!) Marshall, quit reading your Mom’s blog, right now!

  3. ha, melinda! love your comment.

    love to see everyone in jackie’s family has fun projects to do!

  4. That’s a great book!

    So cool that they rigged up their bikes. That’s so handy!

  5. Love the crewel work – I found your blog through Meet me at Mikes – really enjoy your work

  6. batspit says:

    I ride a moped!!!

    They are so cool. There’s even a moped army– the motto is “swarm and destroy”, when you here those little engines, they do kinda sound like wasps….

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