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  1. threesneakybugs says:

    Ah, no. But I have several in my house.

  2. MCM says:

    …I’m not sure, I’ll have to check…but we could discuss what four food groups & varied elements from the periodic table are lurking under the seats in my car…and don’t get me started about the tiny rodent that is using my kitchen(eeeuuuuuuu!@#$%!) for an amusement park…

  3. Anna Yamaura says:

    Nope. I am terrified of spiders. Cannot handle even the smallest of the crawlies. Cockroaches are fine. Why???

  4. We spent a few days at a friend’s reallllllly nice river house for a vacation. Oddly enough, he has plastic bugs everywhere. They’re peeking over the bathroom mirror. Stuck in the bottom of your bed sheets. In the corner of the room. On top of the bowl of chocolate kisses. They made me smile often.

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