A movement afoot – is it too little too late?


My 11/30 macro shot has nothing to do with this post, but I’ve got to include it…. cause it’s an assignment.

The other day I was feeling a bit like the prodigal son’s brother.  The one all filled with self righteous anger.  Because I was thinking to myself – what is the deal with everyone getting all “green”.  Why is it all of a sudden hip and chic to be on the “save the planet” bandwagon?  Where the heck was everyone 15/20 years ago?  Brian and I have been practicing “green” living forever.  I’ve used reusable shopping bags since the early 90’s, we have been recycling for so long you could probably fill a football stadium with the stuff we’ve kept out of the landfill.  We have replaced most of the lightbulbs in our house with energy effecient ones.  We keep the thermostat at 66 degrees in the winter and 78 in the summer.  We carpool whenever possible.  We try to be mindful of the packaging on our purchases.  We live in a modest house and try to keep our yard and garden as organic as possible (in other words the green of our lawn comes from grass and weeds).  Okay, now it just sounds like I’m bragging, but still I wonder why it has taken people (politicians and big corporations especially) so long to understand our connection to the planet.  And it makes me crazy mad that it’s only now that some people are getting it. 

But I’ve decided that instead of being crazy mad I need to welcome them aboard the life raft.  Because the bottom line is whatever happens to our earth, it’s going to affect us all, not just the ones who have had their heads in the sand for so long.  Check out Cabin Life and Story of Stuff for more thinking along these lines.  And I apologize in advance if I’ve offended anyone!

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  1. threesneakybugs says:

    I have found this little insurgence strange as well. Personally I think it’s being fueled by the marketing world. They’re so excited at my office about “going green” and I thought haven’t you been listening to me for the last 10+ years? In our marketing committee I even mentioned that the term “going green” is a little old fashion. They all looked at me like I was crazy. I even got a “what do you mean?” All I can say is I’m glad they’re finally catching up. Maybe we can see some real progress now.

  2. Amen, Sister! And I heard on the news tonight that scientists at the University of Virginia are saying that the bumble bees are dying as the result of air pollution. (Something about the fragrance of the flowers being greatly dimenished, and the bees being unable to find them.) I first heard about air pollution in 7th grade…..1969…..and am shocked that in all this time we don’t seem to have slowed down the process considerably.

    How self centered do we have to be to ignore this stuff at the expense of the viability of the planet???

  3. Ellie says:

    Jackie. . . So nice to meet you. . and I did a little silent hands-up-and-raise-the-roof today when I read your “Movement Afoot”. Thanks for sharing your sentiments on the subject in such a personal way. I find it sometimes hard not to reveal a green ego (while at the same time waiting impatiently for everyone around me to commit more deeply to sustainability), and appreciate very much being included in your thoughts today! Love your photos.
    Ellie at Cabin Life

  4. batspit says:

    right on! And your son rocks a moped, so you’ve started a new army of green… Its the little things that will help.

    For my part to protect the earth, I don’t eat meat- I buy local if possible, and most importantly, I dedicate my research and work to studying food and community- the growing, cooking and eating of food.

    Sometimes we all need a little encouragement- there are so many negatives happening its hard to realize the little things can make an impact too.

    Sorry about the cussing post on my blog- it was a bad day that day and was feeling ornery 🙂

  5. batspit says:

    I love the color in your photos so much-

    I stopped looking at my sitemeter ’cause it showed me all kinds of scary things- like the person who takes my posts and then posts them as her own… grrr….

    I could just tell from your paint-chip photos that you’d love colourlovers.com- it’s a site all about color loving. and it’s very, very addictive.


  6. Aunt Kristi says:

    Jackie, Jackie, Jackie….I recall the Hippie movement as a child of the , well, you know what year that was…it was save the planet, honey. Peace, save the planet…I believe that technology has improved and our ability to be even more green has improved. And, oh yes, it does take all that time to regain a trendy moment in time…I think things cycle around and it takes everyone to do their part all the time and not just in the trendy time to be aware of our fragile planet earth…..Peace, sister…save our planet….hmmmm….sounds like it did many years ago….

  7. Lil' d says:

    I’m just glad that America seems to be finally catching up a bit. After living in Germany for a bit, I was wondering why England was lagging behind their great example – then I came to the States and everyone had huge cars and barely recycled.

    The recycled toilet paper in Germany was a bit harsh, mind…

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