No time for words today….cooking for 60 people this afternoon (need I say more?)

Macro #15

Macro #16

Pictures from the 4th grade field trip to the capital in Jefferson City, MO.  Brian went along. They were 17 kids, and 21 parents…..CRAZY!! (I guess nobody wanted to miss out!) 


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  1. …… for 60. I have no concept of what that must be like.


    The capital building of Jefferson City looks very Jeffersonian! Beautiful.

  2. Melinda says:

    cooking for 60 what?

  3. I love the marble photo. The colors are lovely.

  4. Anna Yamaura says:

    I hope the 60 enjoyed all your blood sweat and tears. Marbles, they bring back memories… I wonder where my confiscated collection are???

  5. Ellie says:

    Smooth. . .what are you going to make for 60 people? As I find myself rushing over here all the time to see what you’ve taken pictures of next, I’m thinking that we’re definitely dating!! Thanks for the kind words, and I think we’ll eventually get our “Heed the Cookie” revolution off the ground. Cabin Girl

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