Blogs with a cause….


Before I share with you a few blogs with a cause I thought I would go public with a photo of myself.  Partly to reassure you all that I’m not a stalker (truth be told I could have gotten this photo anywhere, but if I were going to do that don’t you think I’d put up a picture of someone more model/celebrity like??)  And also because I always think it’s interesting to see a picture of the person after I’ve been reading their blog for a while.  Sometimes they match what I had pictured in my mind, and sometimes they don’t.  Plus it’s nice to put a face with a name.  It may be the only picture of myself to ever make it on here.

Okay, macro #18

And now blogs with a cause.  I was reading Jan’s blog, and she has shared the story of a phenomenal 6 year old girl that she has gotten to know.  This little girl has an auto immune disease, and has recently undergone a bone marrow transplant donated by her big sister.  You’ll have to check Jan’s blog to see a video clip of this little girl.  Her name is Marian, and here is the other incredible thing about her – she has her own craft business and craft blog.   I think you will find her story very compelling.

Sweet Jessie has just shared on her blog a project to provide afghans to children who have had to leave their homes due to unfortunate situations. It’s called Project Little Lambs. She is making an afghan out of old felted sweaters.

Heather Hales knows a young boy who is working on a service project for a NICU.  He needs fabric that is at least .75 yards to make isolette covers. Heather is hoping to help him make as many covers as possible.  So go check her blog for more info.  All donated fabric needs to be received by May 2nd. 

People making a difference, can you feel the love, joy, peace and understanding!

And here is a snapshot of the lunchbox wip for the lunchbox swap.


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  1. MCM says:

    isn’t she lovely! yeeeees, she really is!
    I saw Heather’s project today too, and thought it might be a guilt free way to thin the stash of fabrics I “just had to have…” yet they still sit forlornly in the bin…waiting for a purpose…(but I’m sure no one else has this problem, heh,heh,heh)

  2. ellen kelley says:

    I think that you are beautiful…and that you, in person match your blog. You are truly a lovely person outside and inside. (sounds backwards, doesn’t it?..but it’s not!)
    best, e.

  3. Woo hoo! You’re a looker!

    Thanks for the info on the blogs with a cause. I think you must have a big heart.

    And I love the scarab beetle (?) photo. Do they live out where you do?

  4. j, you are lovelier than i ever imagined! a classic beauty, to go along with your creative talents and big heart. it’s wonderful to see you in person!

    i’m really enjoying your macro photos!

  5. Ellie says:

    Smooth, what a wonderful, happy picture. My second daughter was a NICU baby and I too am looking forward to sewing with blogs-for-a-cause. Great post!! Cabin Girl

  6. thank you so much for spreading the word!!

  7. Nancy says:

    My first impression is you look like Jackie Onassis ( I hope I”m not the only who remembers her! It’s an age giveaway). Very nice and could be Mother of the Year photo…you never know! Is that E.holding up his hands in the picture?

  8. Christina says:

    I’m a little late posting a comment – i’m catching up on blogs. It is so nice to see a picture of the person blogging. Why is it that bloggers are all so cryptic about who they are? Adds an air of mystery I guess. I love your lunch bag, it’s so cute! And you’re macro shots were great! They would make a great card set, or small prints for your wall.

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