I’m back, I survived.  But here’s how day 1 of TV free week went down.  Everytime I walked past the computer I had to pace and downtalk myself from turning it on.  Finally realized that the obvious way to cope was to open up the box of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls and start shoveling them in.  It immediately calmed me down.  Each day that went by it became a little easier (with the help of a lot of unhealthy snacking).  But the bottom line is I’ve missed you all terribly!!  I did take some more macro shots.  Just when I think I’ve run out of material something like the beautiful luna moth shows up on my porch.

And last night I counted up comments and we have a winner!!  Jan from Snippety Gibbet!  I know I promised you a package last week, but I’m never on time, and now I can add the framed quilt pieces.  (Erin your enthusiasm was priceless – I’ll be contacting you with a consolation prize!)

This was something that Nate and I worked on during TV free week. 

Actually the table itself looks great, it’s the rest of my house that doesn’t go with it.  So the table draws unnecessary attention to itself like a tourist wearing a loud shirt, bermuda shorts, and sandals with socks!  When we finished this and put it into place I was rather depressed.  I also had a sudden urge to rip up the carpet, buy new curtains, and all new furniture just so it would look good with the table.  And this is the phrase that circled my brain like a gnat – “Repeating the same behavior again and again and expecting different results.”  I thank Melinda for that pithy little saying which is sticking to me like a cockle burr.  If you want to see gorgeous painted furniture in the right setting check out Knack Studios flickr pics and blog

Anyway, it’s good to be back – I’m looking forward to catching up with you all.  I’ll be sharing some of the other things that we did with all that free time (HA) we had last week. 

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Melinda says:

    since it was my pithy comment, I’ll be the first to chime in…
    the table is amazing, and I bet it looks perfect in that room, you just need to “artfully arrange” some “meaningful stuff” on and around it…and you are ever sooo talented at that…start with a big messy fern that will drop leaf bits all over the carpet…(that’s what always seems to happen at my house….)
    but really, WOW! you and the Nate-man rock!
    What paint/brush/roller/top coat magic juju beads did you use?

  2. smoothpebble says:

    1 coat kilz primer, 2 coats semi-gloss latex paint – all put on with a foam roller and small foam brush thingee…. I think I need to poly it too, maybe next tv free week!

  3. barb blair says:

    You go girl!! This turned out amazing!! Doesn’t it just make you happy when you look at it?!

  4. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!! Thank you, thank you!

    Welcome back, Miss Jackie. You’ve been missed….by me, if not by Little Debbie.

    Love the macro shots. I really envy you for you break. I think it’s always a good thing, but it never happens for me except when I am out of range of any sort of electric power or communication device.

    Yea!!!!! I won!!!!!!!

  5. barb blair says:

    Oops!! I forgot to say thanks so much for the kind words about my flikr and blog! I really appreciate that!!

  6. Anna Yamaura says:

    okaerinasai (welcome back). love the table. ummm i have a whole apartment of mismatched furniture… so i can understand the sticking out like a sore thumb analogy but still think the table is awesome. back to some housework… the place is in a state after the outlaws came to visit…

  7. missed you! is it terrible to ask if you gained weight while you took a blogging break? :] no need to worry, we aren’t going anywhere, we’re anxious to see you back! but it is nice to be media free for short periods of time!

    i do love your table! i hope you are able to resist remodeling your entire home…

  8. apple cyder says:

    welcome back! love the table. and love your description of your need for junkfood to resist the lure of the computer….

  9. Lori D. says:

    I LOVE swiss cake rolls!! (so I don’t keep them in the house or I’d weigh 200 pounds). Maybe for our next birthday dessert we can share a box–or 2. 🙂
    Still enjoying your photos…you should make a book.
    Have you begun your spring gardening yet?

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