Y’all aint from around here!

I don’t know how you teach manners in your neck of the woods, but in these parts we have a special way of doing things.  The other day as my peeps and I were eating lunch, one of my children (who shall remain anonymous except that his initial is E.) was eating his chicken noodle soup with his hands.  Yea, you heard me…..chicken noodle soup.  He was sticking his fingers in the bowl, pulling out noodles, and then gnawing on them like a giant rodent.  So, Brian sticks his hand in his water glass and starts slurping water from his fingers while loudly announcing “I sure am thirsty, boy does this water taste good!”  Following his cue I start talking with a mouth full of food in a very exaggerated way, making sure the full contents of my mouth are visible.  So that’s the way we teach manners in these parts.  Because obviously this tired old statement wasn’t working.  You know the one where you say to your children, “It’s important to have good manners, because you never know when you might get invited to eat dinner at the White House.”  Feel free to share your techniques on teaching manners.

Macro #30 (final day of macro)

On a whole different note, more of my tv free week projects.  At some point when it’s not all about ME, ME, ME I’ll share some of things the boys did with their time.  The bird, while not original as there about 1,000,000 little birds out there in crafty land, I did create on my own.  The squirrels are from a pattern on Cindy’s blog.  And a p.s. on the lunchbox pattern.  It’s from The Crafter’s Companion book.  I modified the dimensions, and put the pockets on the sides.  The fabric basket pattern by Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object.


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  1. ellen kelley says:

    Multiple flashbacks here! Food as art, food as toys. My sons loved to fashion spaghetti into Fu Manchu mustaches and eye wear. My lovingly home dried peaches were pasted to the inside of the car windows on a three hour trip up to Portland. Years later I was informed about the refrigerated biscuits being placed on the stove burners so they could watch them blow up and fly around the kitchen. Poor Pillsbury Dough Boy. (I had gone back to teaching full time and was in graduate school, so I forgive myself for buying those nasty things and for having my attention somewhere else.)
    These are memories to bring a smile and warm the heart. This is why we love boys so!
    I love your bird and squirrels. So pretty.

  2. Melinda says:

    yessss, but YOUR bird rocks absolutely! Super job!

    “Manners? we don’t need no stinking manners…”
    Seriously, one of my current fav moments of familial dining bliss is when mr. twelve starts politely screeching at mr. eleven to “chew quieter” (artfully accompanied by a punch to the deltoid, I must add) through his own gaping mouthful of food!
    but, my all time favorite remains, “HE HIT ME BAAACK” balefully uttered by then mr.four regarding mr. three’s apparent breach of toddler protocol

  3. I’m proud to see that you checked the entire sheet of paper for holes before proceeding to snip. Nice job. No really! Nice job!

    My mother’s system of discipline was similar to your system of teaching manners. I remember biting someone as a kid. My mother proceeded to take a GIANT chomp on my arm. It wasn’t forgotten.

  4. Smooth. . .those ‘Lil Debbies done you good!! I can’t believe how intricate and amazing your bird and squirrels are. Regarding manners. . .we have problems with the girls staying in the chair. . turn around, bounce, sit criss-cross, go the bathroom, run around the table.. . .if they are actually sitting, things seem to go well. So they get one warning and then I tie them to their chair. (if you want to pause for a moment and call DCSF, go ahead) Actually I use one of my aprons. . over their lap and tied to the chair. Then they start to argue about who gets the ‘favorite’ apron. . .. sheesh. Cabin Girl.

  5. Lori D. says:

    Perhaps using your technique outside the home would register more deeply in the minds of teenagers. It can be fun to embarrass your children…if you don’t mind being embarrassed as well.

  6. batspit says:

    when I came home from camp saying ‘ain’t’ my mom told me I was never going to camp again if I didn’t stop saying that word immediately.

    I also got my mouth washed out with literal soap once for cussing. effective, that. 😀
    I want to write ‘ain’t’ now but I can’t bring myself. So some of the lessons stick, apparently.

  7. The bird is lovely! Great job!

    We don’t enforce many manners around our house, although I do believe one should say “excuse me” after a burp.

    My daughter, at 2, wipes her mouth diligently after eating something messy. She sure didn’t learn it from me…

  8. Erin says:

    O.k….love the squirrels! I almost thought about making that once a couple of months ago. Then I came out of my straight jacket and was normal again. That is so cool…I’m such a fraidy cat when it comes to trying things…I just know that I’ll screw it up!

    O.k. as far as manners go…I like to burp! I do say excuse me and only do it in the privacy of my own home. My dog…goes potty on a pad (Chihuahua) and then wants to be wiped off…hey it illiminates pee stains! Plus, I always know when she’s gone…because she also wants a treat! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  9. manners, schmanners. even if i did get invited to the white house for dinner, i’d probably turn it down!

    i do love your bird. great job on the design!

  10. Claudia says:

    ahahah…funny (well maybe not for you) story! I really can’t help you because sometimes my manners could get a little better!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE that squirrel…and the bird is so nice. You are so very talented 🙂

  11. threesneakybugs says:

    I’m laughing myself silly over here. It sound just like something my son would do. Ever since he saw me dip a cookie in my milk he’s been experimenting with dipping food of all kinds in drinks of all kinds. Spaghetti in milk – yum! 😉

    Love the images. Cut outs, right? or prints? That squirrel one must have taken forever. And yes, there are a lot of birds out there right now. Very trendy. But there’s something about them at this time of year that sits right.

  12. Nancy says:

    I’m sitting here thinking, “Did E. get his Aunt Nancy’s genes?”.
    Some things are just plain ole’ hereditary! Nice way to scare the
    girls off–he may need that tactic sometime. Those genes come in handy just when you need them to!k 🙂 Love the basket, esp.
    the stitching and the colors and the binding! Family heirloom!

  13. Anna Yamaura says:

    love the cut outs. what a patient lass you are. i think you missed your true calling though, a surgeon….

    directed hubby to your post on manners (because there are a lot of japanese table manners that make this lass gag). the response was a snort and a westerners (rarely heard expression from this banana) have weird ideas about table manners. silly boy wonders why i refuse to eat dinner with him… helloooo…

    but your method of teaching manners sounds like circa late 1970s- early 1980s with my parents…. um when your boys were little and hit their head etc, did you make them apologise to mr pole/cement/door/window etc as well????

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