Make a trail

Hope you all have stuffed some bread crumbs in your pockets because I’m sending you on some links today, and you’ll want to find your way back!

Meg from Elsie Marley has started a new flickr group.  If you are prone to dumpster diving or picking up items thrown to the curb this is the place to showcase your finds.

Another reminder to sign up for the mushroom swap.

Indie Fixx has a contest going called the Spruce Up Your Place:  Indie Home Decor Challenge.  I hesitate to share this one as it decreases the chance of my winning the motherload.  The motherload includes items from Decoylab, Ink & Wit, Circa Ceramics, Buy Olympia, Skinny Laminx, and Berkely Illustration.

The Pikaland Pika Package Project.  Again, I hesitate to spread the word because the monthly drawing contains a whole host of great illustrators’ work.  You can see pictures of the art on flickr.  And if you don’t win you can purchase a sample package.

And Blue Yonder has a Pie List started.  If you have a great pie recipe, sweet or savory, go to her blog and add it to the list.  The &*%$*!! Kitchen Fairy is searching through her recipes already. 

Oh, and Lea and I are inviting anyone who wants, to read The Omnivore’s Dilemma and then discuss it with us.

Have a great weekend everyone, sorry about the bunny trail, but as always I feel it necessary to share my pain of online overload!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. applecyder says:

    OK. OK. I will be toadstool-ing along with you.

  2. Claudia says:

    Thank you so much for those great links. Have a good weekend 🙂

  3. batspit says:

    oh this is awesome! I’ll put something up on my blog too, great idea!

    I can’t wait to get my book in, and I’m ordering a couple of Diane Ackerman’s books- they look really juicy, thanks for the suggestion!

    On to following your links 😀

  4. great links!

    i had a good conversation/discussion about food with friends last weekend. they wanted to give me “omnivore’s dilemma”, but they couldn’t find it. so they sent me home with pollan’s “in defense of food” instead. i’ve also picked up a new book, called “the compassionate carnivore”… now, if i only had time to read. i am interested in lingering in your discussions, tho!

  5. Anna Y says:

    love seeing that there are more going to ‘shroom with us jackie, thanks to your online promos… 😀 ummm thanks for increasing my online burden…. hope your young men make a huge fuss over their fab mum on sunday (not that they shouldn’t being doing that on a regular basis)…. thanks for the book suggestion, hmm what gives so i can read it as well??? so many things wanting to be done and so little time….

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