Summer vacation is here!

 We have officially kicked off summer.  Nate’s last day of school was May 14th.  Sadly for Marshall and Everett they still have school all of this week.  But Nate has not wasted a minute of vacation.  We’ve had couch cushion forts, scooter riding, creeking, reading Hardy Boys mysteries, and this morning he got up at 5:30 a.m. to watch the sun rise from our neighbors shed roof.  Friday in celebration I had a date day with him and we went to the “city”.  He wanted to go to Toys R Us to add to his Star Wars collection.

Then we went on to the mall for some new shoes.

This was followed by his lunch choice of IHOP where he made a “happy plate” by consuming all four of his corncake pancakes.  This lovely day was finished off by a trip to Barnes & Noble and the book of his choice.  Yes, Melinda of all the books available this is the one he picked.  (Melinda’s daughter has already wrecked one journal.)  I think this journal is awesome, and for perfectionistic people like myself it would provide a way to just cut loose, embrace mistakes, and think creatively.  I’m thinking of doing similar things to one of my blank books laying around or even a cheap notebook.

Just some samples of the instructions – lose this page, and accept the loss; spill, drip, spit coffee on this page;  scribble wildly and with reckless abondon;  eat some colorful candy and lick this page; hang the journal in a public place and invite people to draw in it; glue random items in it (i.e. things you find in your couch, on the street, etc.)

And last but not least I got some beautiful hand-dyed wool felt, currently being made into my project for the Functional Felt Swap.  Hooray for summer!!

 p.s.  if anyone has contributed photos to the furniture redo group Vintage Indie is wanting to post pictures to her online magazine

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  1. applecyder says:

    Thanks for sharing the “wreck this” journal. Looks like a really great gift for a very hard to buy for brother-in-law of mine. Love the new banner!

  2. OUT FOR SUMMER…..ALREADY????? I have another month. !@$#$#@%$^

  3. i still itch for summer vacation after all these years. i wish i could have a summer vacation from work!

  4. Anna Y says:

    lucky young man to have mom all to himself. love his choice of book and shoes.

  5. Ellie says:

    Smooth. . .I love the “wreck this” journal. I’ve never heard of one! Of course, I’m still stuck in 2nd grade lit, like “Oggie Cooder” who carves cheese with his teeth. And it looks like someone is really enjoying their hard rock sneakers. . this isn’t the same boy with the body spray, is it? xoxoxo Cabin Girl

  6. rebecca says:

    Hiya Jackie!

    I haven’t received my sketchbook yet, though I hope it turns up soon as the clock is ticking towards the deadline! I guess as an international ‘sketchbooker’ mine was posted out slightly later than yours and will take much longer to get to me (I hope anyway).

    Wow, you have run a marathon – that makes my 10k sound like a doddle 🙂 I am running the Great north Run half marathon in October, so the 10k was the beginning for me. It takes so much time and dedication though, doesn’t it? I sometimes wonder if I just take on too much!

    /Rebecca x

  7. threesneakybugs says:

    Those shoes rock!!!!

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