chew, mmmggfffmm, gulp *sigh of satisfaction*

Excuse me for just a moment while I wipe the last morsel of strawberry rhubarb pie from my mouth!  Summer is close at hand and the eating is good!  A few project pics:

This is the atc I made for the atc swap, and this is the book that provided the inspiration.  I can’t get enough of this book.  It takes embroidery to an entirely different level.

And I added this little piece because of my chronic lateness.  So if you are ever my swap partner you will probably get extra goodness to make up for my tardiness.

This is the atc card I received.

It’s from Suzanne who lives in the Scottish Highlands, and sounds like a multi-talented gal.  The details of this wee little piece (2.5″ x 3.5″) just leave me in awe.  She put a wide variety of stitches and fabrics on it.  And who can resist a little bird with a heart on it, and not just any little bird but the “bluebird of happiness”.  Inside this little card is a lucky penny.  I think the lucky part is recieving this in the mail!

And these are a few projects I finished long ago, but thought I would share.  The zip pouch is super easy.  Just crochet or knit a washcloth using whatever stitch you want.  I used single crochet.  Fold it in half and stitch up the sides.  Sew on the zipper, and attach some felt beads (or felted balls, as the support group refers to them) with fishing line.  I added a seed beed to the end and looped the fishing line back through the beads and then tied them to the zipper pull.  The other little piece is a bit of embroidery on wool felt using a pattern from The New Crewel by Katherine Shaughnessy.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. How gorgeous! Someone actually told me they’d swap a snip for a stitchery ATC, which I thought was a great deal! I may have to make one of my own. I love stitchery.

    And I love those round felt things you have used in several places….like your banner. Great colors and textures.

  2. Erin says:

    You’re swap turned out great! Love the little bird from the lady in Scotland! HEY! I TAGGED YOU…did you get my e-mail? It should be fun…check my blog for the questions. 🙂

  3. Sandra says:

    I love this swap. How do I find out when another is on, as I would love to take part in one.

  4. lovely work, and i love your little blue bird of happiness! did you get my email about the coupon organizer? i would love to make one in exchange for a felted cuff… let me know!

  5. Claudia says:

    You always have so many nice projects…at the same time….and they are always so pretty! You good!!! That book looks very interesting. I would love to have a few embroidery projects this summer…I don’t knit in summer (too hot) so I need something else to do during the bus ride to work. Take care xoxoxoxo

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