Limelight hog

It’s been brought to my attention that I am a blog hog and a computer hog (1 computer, 5 people).  So I will try to share the light.  My peeps are to shy to guest blog so I’ll do it for them  This post may border on those obnoxious Christmas letters where it’s nothing but major league bragging!  I’m just warning you so that you may move on to someone else’s more entertaining blog.  I’m going to shine the light on this project that Marshall spent all semester working on in Wood 1 class.  What an awesome job he did!  I know I’m his mom, but even you must see the superb craftmanship that went into this.  He thinks it’s going in his room, but I may steal it to store craft items.

Now to shed a little light on Everett.  He took art, and industrial arts this year and here I am bragging again.  Below are pictures of his handiwork.  Brain smarts are important, but I think being able to work with your hands and imagination are important too.  Well rounded these boys!  (Bear with me here – I think I’ve shared plenty of the dark side on my family so now I’m just flipping the rock over for a peak at the sunny side)

And I really wanted to show off some of Nate’s drawings, but that sunny disposition boy *rolling my eyes into the back of my head in sarcasm* refused to give me publishing rights to his works.  I’ll just tell you that he drew a globe of a new planet named Formell and named all of the land masses and oceans.  He also has created pages of new species and plants.  Some of the plants are the Warted Tree, Clawplant, Shock Tree, and the Hollow Ringer.  Some of the species are Rockman, Woodman, the Dancing Wart Frog, a Tontel that looks like an upside down snail and rides waves.  Anyway, the drawings are so charming and boyish, but since he won’t share those I’ll leave you with some pictures of his garden. 

Beets, marigolds, dill, and four varieties of tomatoes; lemon boy, Park’s whopper, pink girl, and yellow pear.


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  1. threesneakybugs says:

    Such talented boys you have. Such perfection in that cabinet and that collage – wow. The refusal to give you publishing rights cracks me up.

  2. ellen kelley says:

    You have the DivineRight to be one proud Mama. Your children are very blessedly talented….and refusal is certainly an artist/creator’s prerogative. What special people live in your house.

  3. Erin says:

    Personally – I think, what’s the point of having children if you can’t do a couple of the following things: (1). Brag about them and their accomplishments/talents whenever you want! (2). Make them wash the dishes. (3). Make them take out the trash (escpecially boys!) (4). Get up and get the remote control. (5). Make you laugh and smile! 🙂

    Your boys seem well adjusted, happy and talented – even the stingy “no-pictures” boy – I can totally relate! Thanks for sharing, it was fun!

  4. I loooooooove that cabinet! And some of the smartest, sexiest, coolest men I know work well with their hands. Seems to me it is a good thing for the soul.

  5. Lil' d says:

    Such talent. And that cabinet seriously puts my school woodwork to shame (the only compliment my teacher could give the ugly thing was ‘well, you could tap dance on that, it’s so strong…’)

  6. Anna Y says:

    Your son Nate is a hoot. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to hear and see the body language when he refused to give you publishing rights. I would be skiting about your young men’s achievements too. Wow look at the cabinet. I saw it on flickr and had wondered. Well done Marshall. Everatt, I have admired that collage for awhile. Humour the Aussie, I am assuming that is Abe Lincon, right? The industrial arts projects are fab too. My only question is how do you get the change out of your change jar?? Shake and hope for the best?? Jackie, congratulations for encouraging working with your hands and imagination.

  7. You and your MEN contine to blow me away

  8. I meant to say “continue”. . .typing too fast. I also talk too fast, so the typos make it more authentic. . .lik I’m really talking to you

  9. applecyder says:

    Very nice work, M and E. I am personally hoping that Nate will reconsider the publishing rights thing, bc I am very curious to see his work. Perhaps a less formal forum, like flickr?

  10. such talent! you’ve done good, jackie!

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