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  1. Aunt Kristi says:

    reminds me of Wilson ….funny radsh….

  2. That is truly, truly hideous. I love it!!!!!!!!! You could do a whole series of hideous vegetable photos. I love it!!!!!!


  3. Marty Corcoran says:

    What a hoot. Hey would yoube interested in doing some dyeing just for fun? I will be calling you later since we will be dyeing tomorrow at school and since you’re so close…

  4. ellen kelley says:

    Well, now..that is a sweet radish. I have harvested some vegets in my days that would have been considered pornographic. We will leave it at that….
    …and, gosh darn, I did give a hoot to read about you as you are one of my favorite “new finds” here.
    Keep on keeping on..best to you and your family.

  5. MCM says:

    …so I dare you to start a flickr group…pornographic vegetables…(actually, there probably already is one…)that, or its a great band name!

  6. Claudia says:

    ah ah ah very cute and funny 🙂

  7. Hey! This looks like an old boyfriend of mine…..wierd.

    I used to play a game with my kids that we would use our imagination to come up with ideas about what inanimate objects “looked” like. We used to invite Craig, but his answers were just “wrong”. Daddy was excluded from the game after awhile. But, it was really fun!

    Have a great day!

  8. Ellie says:

    I see a syndicated cartoon strip in your near future. Captain Smooth battles Evil Radish and the Zombi Turnips (I don’t really prefer the taste of either) To use your phrasology: BWAHAHAHAHA.
    Cabin Girl

  9. Rachel says:

    Ha! Very creative! Playing with your food…

  10. Patricia says:

    Hey, no pressure, but I’m missing your posts. I guess I’ll have to explore your blog links as a not-so-satisfying substitute.

  11. applecyder says:

    This past thanksgiving we had a funny looking carrot that looked like a man. I tried to decorate it as part of the centerpiece, but people just didn’t get it. I guess my family isn’t into food humour. At least I know YOU would have laughed!

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