Katy trail cont….

We started out on the beginning of the trail on the western side in Clinton, Missouri.  The first day we rode to Sedalia and we stayed at the Bothwell hotel downton. Thus the picture of the chandelier.  Really, lovey it was quite smashing! *said in a voice like Thurston Howell the Third*  The second day was drizzly all day and we were coated in sandy grit by the time we got to Rocheport.  There we stayed at the Schoolhouse B&B.  Great place, great hospitality, and soooo clean.  That last just made me swoon, considering my day to day life is coated in the grime patina of three boys.  Anyway, here are a few more pics.  We can now say we have done every stretch of the Katy Trail.  And Aunt Kristi brought up the fact that I had a picture of a radish on her, but no pictures of Brian.  Finally he makes the blog!

p.s.  Scent of Water has a flickr group for photo swapping.  She was thinking about closing down the group, but there are so many of you who take such awesome pictures that I hope more people will sign up.  The theme for the latest swap is “In Motion” and signups start July 1st.  Also here are a few more blogs to check out;  Maya*made, The Carter ClanUK Lass in the US.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I opened the blog in Google Reader and the first thing to show up was the gritty, sandy bike shoes. I busted out laughing. Oh how I know how that feels. Riding in rainy drizzly mess on a trail can be trying. Glad you had a lovely b&b to go to at night. Oh……I see on the right there are more photos to be seen. So, I’m off to check those now…..

  2. Anna Y says:

    Lovely and slightly jealous (biking is a litte dangerous in my corner of S’pore). Photos are brilliant so the countryside has got me daydreaming. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  3. Amy says:

    Wow! What a trip, I would love to do this. I just got a rode bike this past year, I think I would have to do some training for a ride like this, however. But how beautiful : )

  4. Ellie says:

    I have only been on the 7 miles of Katy trail between St. Charles and Augusta, but would love to do something bigger like this. 125 miles!! Congratulations on your anniversary. Hope it was a SMOOTH ride. double pun. . .wink, wink. Cabin Girl

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