Favorite things…

1. A new bit of fabric stash.

Since I prayed the “Crafter’s Prayer of Resistance” before going into my favorite fabric store I only bought 1/4 of what I really wanted.  

2. Old quilts. 

3.  Dying with Kool-Aid.  Just google it and you will come up with the recipe.

4.  Maya’s Mom’s new/old barn house.  My dream LEED certified or straw bale home is going to look like a barn.  So I picked some flickr favorites to show my future dream contractor.  You can go to my flickr to see links to the pictures.

5.  Rachel‘s fortune cookies, and some more great blogs;  Mackville RoadWhat A StitchIcewerks



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  1. Lorie says:

    crafter’s prayer of resistance? Now I know what my problem is, no prayer!! 🙂 Your fabric choices are super-duper!

  2. mayaluna says:

    I’m so happy you’re loving the barn so much! My mom and I have a date planned for tonight…to look at all of you inspiration barns!! I’m in love with all, and I mean ALL, of you new fabric!

  3. Melinda says:

    the crafter’s prayer of resistence…bwahahahahaha! you, youare a funny one! great barn collage…and did you see syko’s barn gallery? amazing!

  4. Ellie says:

    Like.. . .OH. MY. GOD. Like, my platinum LEED certified dream house is totally going to look like a barn too. . .NO WAY! Can you totally believe it?

    No joke. Do you read the New York Times? I cut this article out of the Sunday edition: “The New Trophy Home, Small and Ecological”. Looks like we’re on the right track, Smooth.

    Also. . .I want to two books of yours: Do you recommend “Omnivores” first or “Animal Vegetable Miracle”??

  5. smoothpebble says:

    yes, i did see syko’s amazing barn gallery. i would move in there too!

  6. Of course you’re going to have a bale house. I know this because I too am going to have one. I am riveted every time I see one on tv. And don’t you love Maya’s Mom’s barn? I would feel as if I had died and gone to heaven.

  7. threesneakybugs says:

    You know my feelings on straw bale houses and thumbs up on the LEED certification. I just love these barn shots and would be totally with you if I didn’t have an architectural designer for a husband that has outlawed any dreams of a barn shaped house. The party pooper. (But he never said I couldn’t have a barn as an out building on my dream country property.)

  8. Lil' d says:

    I keep being lured back to the fabric stores by sale, despite all good intentions. I’ll have to look up that prayer. Maybe after tomorrow’s sale…

  9. Rachel says:

    The top fabric roll with the bright dots is beautiful! Thanks for mentioning my fortune cookies! : )

  10. ellen kelley says:

    I love the prayer. I am going to have to revise some of mine. Oh, my goodness…I feel a whole prayer book coming on; a choir and a collection at the same time.
    I would revise my house choices in an instant..we have been here just so long. It won’t change and they will have to drag me out, but if I were young and able to do it again…yes, in an instant. It would just have to be where I am right here, right now.

  11. Anna Y says:

    need that prayer for monday. taking some friends to arab st to help them find fabric. i need more fabric like a hole in the head but, i have already raided your stash in cyberspace. 😀 love the old quilts and admire the straw house idea but are termites an issue where you live?? straw houses = termites idea of a dream dinner apparently. what a shame one cannot easily obtain kool aid. more dyeing fun for me.

  12. mom says:

    Hi Jackie, The two quilts are your great-great Aunt Eugenie
    Demars. The first one was our wedding present and the
    second she made for us using my sewing scraps from you
    and Jody’s clothes in 1969. Neat pictures, sounding like you
    and the basketball boys had a good time. Have everyone
    call and tell us how the ball games are going. Was I right
    that Nate is going to Warrrensburg? That’s a long way from
    home. Dad and I are having a fairly down day just catching
    up on chores. Don and Norma haven’t called yet, but they
    could sho up anytime. Think we have plans pretty well
    set for the New York trip. Have you guys got Hawaii planned
    yet? Love, Mom amd Dad

  13. Wow, I am totally going to live in a barn one day. This old house feels as drafty as a barn, but isn’t the same. Oh, and it’s got to be red, too.

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