Ray of Sunlight

Dear Video Store Clerk, Mall Checkout Chick, Hollister Dude, Supercenter Checker, (Fill in the blank),

     Yea you, the one that waited on me yesterday.  My experience with you yesterday has compelled me to write to you today.  I’m just stupid enough to think you might read this and be moved by its content.  I’d just like to start by telling you that I’m not looking for a premium shopping experience.  You don’t have to wrap my purchases in beautiful tissue paper, and put my receipt in an envelope.  Nor do I expect you to hover over me, bringing me different sizes or coordinating outfits.  I’m just looking for a little courtesy!

     I realize that your cell phone conversation from 3 minutes ago, your current conversation with the other store clerk, and your impending conversation with the cute guy/gal behind me is far more important to you than I am.  But maybe, just maybe I could get a little eye contact while I’m paying for my goods.  That way I don’t have to start patting myself to make sure I’m not invisible.  In addition it’s MY payment that is helping to pay your wages.  Just a little something to think about.  And please don’t huff dramatically when I hand you my reusable shopping bags.  After all I’m trying to save the planet for both of us.

     I’m not asking you to be Little Miss/Mr. Sunshine, but maybe you could be the tiniest little ray of sunlight.  Give it a try!  That’s all I’m asking, a tiny bit of light.  Thanks!  (Oh, and see how easy it is to say that little word – try that too!) 

 p.s.  Dear Blog Readers, Check in tomorrow to see 3 Big Miss Sunshines, and for an opportunity to be one yourself!

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  1. Anna Y says:

    will send some of the super friendly ‘aunties’ (this includes me too, it’s a mummy label here) from singapore. ct loves a shopping trip because all the aunties (and the occassional uncle) make such a fuss of her. they are so helpful too (it could be the eurasian with a very white mummy) and means that we do not have meltdowns of nuclear proportions. not many ‘young people’ at the supermarket here.

  2. Anna Y says:

    ps have just worked out there is an 8 hour time difference. cool….

  3. Gosh…I know what you mean. After living in AZ just a few weeks, my daughter and I went to 7-11 to buy a slurpee. (Trying to ward off the heat from living on the surface of the sun…) There were two tattoo laden clerks behind the counter lamenting over the fact that their girlfriends cheated, left them, were miserable, etc. The “f” word was frequently used to describe all manner of things. (Maybe after so many facial peircings you have license to use that word in public as you desire?? just guessing….) Anyway, when it was finally my turn to pay, I asked them kindly to cool it with the language. They both gave me a blank stare, like…”Oh….are you really standing there???”
    At least they waited until we were out of the store before they resumed their converstation…..
    What is with people now days?

    I hope today is a “sun-shiney” day!
    Just stay out of the stores! 🙂

  4. Amen! I am sad to hear that the situation is as sorry out your way as it is out here. Though, I did just get home from the craft store where the teenaged cashier did all the RIGHT things! That is always such a happy thing on the occassion I encounter it. Like seeing a rare bird.

  5. what’s up with kids these days? and to think they’ll eventually be something other than a retail clerk. but then again, maybe they won’t…

  6. Lil' d says:

    Oh, don’t get me started…

  7. applecyder says:

    Our supermarket is run entirely by teenagers like the ones you describe. Infuriating. We need some of Anna’s aunties around here….

  8. ellen kelley says:

    I want to say also,”Don’t get me started!” There are many times when I think that it is because I am 66 years old and the word manners no longer exists and that I am just getting to be an intolerant old #%^ch. But, truly, I do not think that I am intolerant and I do not think that I am one of the aforementioned persons. I am also astounded at the lack of courtesy, manners, and just good humor and loving kindness of OLD PEOPLE like me.
    Looking people in the eye, giving a little bit of your time, being gentle and caring, and for heaven’s sake, just a bit lukewarm is important.
    Oh, I do see that I am getting started here. I’d best stop.
    I am with you. Remember those truly nice young boys/men you had in your car? Keep them in mind!
    Best to you.

  9. mom says:

    A sad story abut Nate’s fur animal. Not much to savor there.
    We got back from N.Y. about 1 A.M. this morn. Had a good time and enjoyed Vermont more than N.Y. We now understand why Katherine enjoys going up there. Jody brought Eleanor back with us and she was great without any hitches except diaper change. The weather was fine except one day rainy. Mom and I are tired of traveling and now have the trip to S. D. gfrom 10-16 Aug and that will almost take care of summer. Give us a call when time permits.

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