Summer Resolutions

Yes, the New Year is far gone.  But I am the eternally optimistic person who thinks I can better myself on a weekly basis.  And I couldn’t be more wrong.  My first summer resolution was to spend less time on the computer.  I’ve been on-line the last two and half hours!! *me with internal gut busting spasms of self loathing*  But for my efforts you must check out the furniture redo pool.  There are some really awesome things in the group.  While exploring flickr, looking for furniture pictures to invite. I came across Bombus (Etsy & Blog & other Blog).  So much  inspiration in one place.  So, if you are okay with spending oodles of time on the computer check it out.

Second resolution – I was going to start getting up at the crack of dawn like the good farm wife stock I come from.  I got up at 8:30 this morning! *more spasms*

Third – Since reading and nearly completing The Omnivore’s Dilemma I’m going to try and fix food lower on the food chain more often.  And I have sourced some farm raised beef to fill our freezer with instead of the feed lot, corn fed, antibiotic dosed beef we get from the store.  Nate is also growing a jungle of tomatoes and they are loaded with fruit.  We’ve only given them one shot of fertilizer so I’m feeling pretty good about that.  Also, I have plans to make homemade yogurt and perhaps buy an ice cream maker to make homemade ice cream as well.  The definitive word in that last sentence is plans.  Me of the eternally optimistic plans and lists.  *spasms*

Fourth -To finish the projects in progress!  See, if I would spend less time on the computer I would get these done.  More felt cuffs (some are nearly finished).  My Sketchbook Project and Artist’s Exchange Print.  Do something with the kitchen table.  The boys and I knocked out the tile about a month ago, and I have yet to move forward with the concrete PLAN.  Because I am afraid!  Of failure, of the multiple trips to the hardware store it’s going to take, of failure, oh and did I mention failure.  Which will lead to more self loathing!  And finally to sew the Simplicity 3835 Built by Wendy shirt pattern.

I’ll start tomorrow!

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  1. i admire you making your resolutions so public! my summer resolution of getting more exercise has resulted in little to no exercise. but today is a new day, the start of a new week, so i’ll try harder! i’m also trying to spend less time on the computer (outside of work). don’t be afraid of failure in your new projects. just go for it!

    and lastly, i had homemade ice cream this weekend and it was to die for. i highly recommend you get an ice cream maker!

  2. That’s one gorgeous photo though! You could sell that one. Oh….and I loved the clothes line ones for the theme of movement.

    I wish that things like computer usage and television watching were tied to manpower. Like having to ride an exercise/electricity producing bike in order to run those appliances. Dish washing and floor mopping would, however, provide you with endless danish or something. I do well with incentives.

  3. batspit says:

    seriously. awesome. photo.

    the only time i see 830am is when i haven’t yet fallen asleep. I hear Dawn is a real pretty.

    I wish i could send you some of my OG fertilizer through the mail-cause it’s pricier than miracle-crap but does absolute WONDERS for tomatoes. The Fox Farm brand is by far my favorite.

    if you make homemade yogurt let me know and I’ll send you my tezeki recipe. I refuse to give it to anyone but you’re special and I’m curious about how it would taste w/ homemade yogurt.

    Now what are you doing this comment?! Get back to work!


  4. threesneakybugs says:

    I so know the feeling!

  5. ellen kelley says:

    As an accomplished person who spent years making resolutions and breaking them, or never even attempting them, I can say that it is hard. (Oh, did I say, an accomplished person?..forget that moniker.) I really meant to say, as an older, elderly bat, I have learned that some stuff sets me up for failure. I truly did think years and years ago that I needed to do it all, and I did do quite a bit, but I have to say that the price (for me) was quite high at times. I just never could measure up to my standards.
    Here I am now giving myself some permission to be Human.
    I look at what you do and what so many other young women do and I am amazed. I see your wonderful family and say, “Wow,.This is what the world needs!”
    Be kind to yourself and remember to laugh at yourself too..that can be hard when one is attempting to do it all.
    I think that you are amazing.

  6. Erin says:

    Jackie –

    I am a firm believer in not making resolutions and so therefore I am generally not loathing myself! You are an incredible person who is raising great sons and has a great husband! Go look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me! Erin thinks I’m great! Erin thinks I’m great! Are you smiling yet? Now just remember that MANTRA whenever you start to have a little or a lot of self-loathing or SPASMS of any kind! You rock!

    Something I learned a long time ago is this, “The only person you are competing with is yourself and you are probably doing a terrific job!” BYW – Erin thinks you’re GREAT!!

  7. Ellie says:

    Smooth: Welcome to the ranks of fellow potential self-improvers. Go ahead and resolve! Those are great goals, and if you line them up next to a list of stuff you’ve already done this year (toadstool swap and Katy trail ride w/ husband noteable among them) you’ll discover that you’re more than halfway there. I’m a girl who likes a goal. In fact, I think I’m going to go jot down a few of my own Summer Resolutions. Thanks! Cabin Girl

  8. Rachel says:

    Great post – I have similar ups and downs with “bettering myself” resolutions!

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