Chuck Norris lives here

Having been successful with Plan B on the table I now consider myself the Chuck Norris of furniture redo.  I can put in a concrete table top and kick your ass at the same time!  If I can do concrete, the most martial arts of construction materials, than theoretically I can do pretty much anything!  Oh, see how a little success can go to one’s head.  Will probably change the blue stain at some point, but I like it right now because it makes me think of beach driftwood.  If you have done a project that has left you feeling like you could conquer the world, share, and if possible leave a link in the comments.  The ipod case I made for Marshall made me feel bad ass too, just because it has a skull on it.  Truth be told, I’m about as bad A. as a glass of milk!

Wanted to let you know about a couple of swaps too.  Amy is having a bookmark and book exchange.  Signups start Friday and she’s probably going to limit it to 30 participants.  And See Katie Sew is having a charm square exchange and will leave signups open as long as you can get them in the mail to her by August 11th.  She left a message on the Vintage Sheet Swap group.  I got my vintage sheet fat quarters in the mail, and now I’m starting to plot some other kick A. projects!

Check out the kick A. paper dolls Melinda created for her Russian Doll Swap.

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  1. woooooooo! you kick butt big time! your table is awesome, and i love the chairs! hmmmm…. a project that has me feeling like i can conquer the world… i’d say my squash painting. i struggle with painting, and when i have the rare success i float on air!

  2. apple cyder says:

    This is a little “non-chuck-norris-like” to admit, but i feel like i can conquer the world when I attempt any household handyman task that my man usually handles, like changing lightbulbs on a celiling light. Lame, but what can i say?

    The table looks great. And those chairs–love them. Melinda’s dolls are def. k-a.

  3. apple cyder says:

    ceiling, not celiling…

  4. Melinda says:

    …yes, but isn’t celiling just more fun to say?

    thanks for the props J-dog, have you taken your exacto knife to them yet?

    oh, CN moments? when I lift something really heavy, or, perhaps, when I am able to impress the mancubs…like the time I scooped the drowned bloated racoon out of the pool using the laundry basket and then showed them how to fetch & fling the drowned squirrels out with the pool skimming tool…oops. too much information?

    (Disclaimer: the ice storm was a bit brutal for all the little creatures…we don’t usually have to go about scooping a plethora of drowned rodents out of the swimming hole…)

  5. ellen kelley says:

    Well, let us see now. Being much older, I may have been more like a Mister T. Who knows? I am not much of a bad ass, but I have been know to move and shift quite a heavy load…like the times I have moved our honest to God real, truly real, butcher block table (300+lbs) across the kitchen floor, or the time when my husband put up a fence around our first house and I did repeatedly ask, “Are you sure about the property lines?” Well, no…it was encroaching into the neighbor’s, so with sledge hammer in hand, I beat the holy #%ap out of the cement that held those posts in and helped to move those posts.
    I have never created such a lovely piece of functional art as you. I think that the table is beautiful and the color so restful and calming. It’s beautiful, so I will just add, go on kicking ass and being the beautiful person you are…and happy trip. May I hide in your suitcase?

  6. Rachel says:

    The table looks great! I’m definitely impressed by anyone who can master concrete! I hope I can make it into the bookmark swap!

  7. Anna Y says:

    I am so going to find all my sad sad cn forwarded ‘joke mails’ and flood your email box… (laughing like a mad woman). Love the table. Desperately need some CN moments here at the moment. For once, restrain is my first name and I am not even going to click away to your swap links…. Because, I am manically over committed here without the help of new swaps….. Coveting those paper dolls of yours, you lucky thing. MPC is marvellous.

  8. Anna Y says:

    CN fan huh?? Now I have found someone who can appreciate all those CN emails floating around on cyberspace…. he he he… seriously lovely table and ha your linkie links are not tempting me… 😀 Just treading water at the moment….

  9. Ellie says:

    Chuck Norris. . .that is so awesome. I bet you even had a sweaty bandana tied around your forehead while you paved your table. I’ve always wanted concrete counter tops. . .would you like to stop by and give me a bid?
    Those are some FANTASTIC chairs.
    What are you going to do with all of your fat quarters (she asks enviously)?
    Cheers! Cabin Girl

  10. Nancy says:

    Nice!! What will “Chuck Norris” do next?

  11. Lil' d says:

    Cool table.

    Um, I do all the DIY around here, so I own all the power tools in my house. No cement work yet, but I do put together all our furniture, built our mantle, made shelves, put down a laminate floor etc. by myself. I wouldn’t say that it makes me feel like I could conquer the world, but it does make me feel like kicking my husband’s A and getting him to help out more!

  12. Diana says:

    So impressed with the concrete job…can you and your crew come and do one for my bathroom?

  13. threesneakybugs says:

    Dang. I can’t believe I never got you that info on the concrete but I guess it doesn’t matter because you rock and figured it out on your own!

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