Why we fell in love

broken heart by you.

No, not Brian and I.  The family with Kauai.  Although Brian and I honeymooned in Kauai 18 years ago, so I guess it is part of the story.

We fell in love with Kauai mostly because of it’s stunning beauty.  Seriously the water was such an achingly beautiful color of blue that photos don’t even do it justice.  We also fell in love, because of the wonderful things we got to experience.  Marshall keeps asking if I’ve shared all the cool things we did.  He begged us to stay an extra week.  And since we’ve been home he has already gone on-line and checked out colleges in Hawaii.  See, we all have our dream lives!

So in brief:

We hiked.  And gazed.  In awe of this big beautiful world God created.

Kalalau Lookout and trail by you.

the hike back up the trail overlooking the Na Pali coast by you. 

 We snorkeled.  And gazed.  In wonder at the assortment of colorful fish.  Wished for an underwater camera.  We rented our things from Snorkel Bob’s.  If you go, I recommend you rent from them.  They were awesome and they are committed to reef protection.  And rent for the week – we only rented for a day, and there were times I wished we still had the gear.  This was my FAVORITE thing of all!  Even though I looked like a dork at first tripping over my fins and falling down in the shallows.

passport to a delightful underwater world by you.

We relaxed.  And gazed.  At the sand, at the sky, at the water, at each other in amazement that we were here in this paradise, really and truly here.  And several of you have noticed how uncrowded the beaches are.  All the beaches were like this.  Kauai is not as touristy as other islands of Hawaii.  And we also read in the Honolulu paper that tourism in all of Hawaii is down by about 25%.

this is the life by you.

Lydgate beach rock pool by you.

We went on a boat trip to see the cliffs of the Na Pali coast.  And gazed.  At the cliffs, at sea caves, at spinner dolphins and sea turtles.  At people in kayaks.

Hanalei Bay as we head out on boat trip by you.

Na Pali cliffs by you.

inside a sea cave by you.

We went to an ancient Hawaiian village.  And gazed.  And we read about their lives and traditions.  And we played.  We played at rock bowling and spear throwing.  We were told we could pick and eat any fruit we saw.  So we did – gauvas, bananas, coconuts, mangos.  Yum.  

coconut water by you.

no boys allowed by you.

This picture cracked me up!  And I can probably use it for blackmail.  And yes Jan, there has been explanations made to the youngest about this. : )  I was kind of thinking that for a few days each month sharing a hut with only women sounded pretty darn luxurious!

And we saw hula girls.  And the boys gazed.  And gazed.  And gazed.  And now you know why they fell in love with Kauai,  Marshall and Everett I mean.  Nate still thinks girls are cootie infested beings. 

part of the scenery by you.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. jen says:

    jackie, it looks like such a wonderful trip, and i can see why everyone is bummed out about being home. but you can always go back!

  2. Hehehehe………..
    Hey, did you ever read “The Red Tent”? One of the best books I’ve ever read in my life.
    And I totally agree with you, thought it had never occurred to me before….how wonderful it would be to have a week off once a month. WOW! Those were some smart women back then to have come up with such a scam! “Oooooooh, I’m untouchable and sick this week. You must stay away!!!”

  3. ellen kelley says:

    I am shedding a few tears here. Tears for the wonderful place where I spent so much time…Kokee, the Waimea Canyon, and the indescribable Kalalau Valley. Thank you. I am so glad that you love that small space on the face of this earth. My footprints, my daddy’s, my mamma’s and my cousins are there…I hope. So many memories, such good times and beauty.

    x’s and o’s to you..e

  4. Rachel says:

    I just gave you an award!
    Details are on my blog : )

  5. threesneakybugs says:

    Did you do any gazing?

    Seriously, it’s sounds marvelous.

  6. berryberr says:

    Just found your nice blog! Will be checking back often from now on!

  7. mayaluna says:

    Jackie, your gorgeous photos and wonderful stories have me checking in here everyday! I just gave you an award over at my blog…looks like it isn’t your first…you were obviously missed and are well loved!!

  8. Diane says:


    Gorgeous post and thank you for the vicarious vacation.

    You know, if one of the kids ends up going to college in Hawaii… what a LUCKY break that would be!! You’d have to visit!! I think you should encourage this. I would.

    : )

  9. Ellie says:

    Thought about you all last week, and your pictures are fantastic. Way to go . . .raising those boys to be curious about the world and out there appreciating it’s natural wonders. Three cheers for you guys. I’m going call G in here now and do some arm twisting about how we simply shouldn’t let Hawaii’s tourism stats slip like that. . .we HAVE to do our part. 🙂
    Cabin Girl

  10. Patricia says:

    Jackie, how do you do it? Your writing makes even a family vacation captivating reading (OK, it doesn’t hurt that it was a family vacation into the heart of paradise, but still . . . .). Ever thought of becoming a travel writer?

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