Paper Cutting

I still have a few Hawaii posts, but I’m going to mix it up a little as I’ve also been working on a few things.  And I can’t believe I did it, but I signed up for the World Wide Photo Walk.  I’ll be driving up to Kansas City on Saturday and shooting pictures at the Plaza with up to 50 other people.  I signed up as a little early birthday gift to myself.  It seems so frivolous, but that’s what makes it a good birthday gift.  It gives me a great excuse to spend time with a couple of friends as well! 

I worked on a few paper cuts over the weekend.  The one below is my favorite.   

bird on a wire by you.

It was inspired by this photo, taken by Maine Momma.  And the text cutting was inspired by Rob Ryan’s papercuts. 

dusty miller by you.

Inspiration from the garden.

tree of life by you.

hippity hoppity by you.

And these two were cut using patterns from this book.

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  1. i lllluuuuuurrrrre your paper cuts. you must go into business. seriously. it’s almost free to set up an etsy shop! your skillz with the sharp objects are truly admirable. and yay! i’m so happy to say i have a dusty miller leaf and cut. i must frame them! and if you didn’t see my gush about your blackbird on flickr, i will gush again: AMAZING.

  2. Rachel says:

    Love the blackbird cuts! Love love love!

  3. Anna Y says:

    I admire your patient hand. How do you cut such wonderful little circles??? Lovely, lovely, lovely. That rabbit is so appropriate with the moon viewing festival coming up. Will have to check out the Chinese version this year. 😀

  4. jacquie says:

    these are amazing…found you thru growing gills…have fun in KC…the plaza is a fab place to take pics. don’t be surprised if some F14’s buzz over…the big air show is in town sat and sun. there are some great perches in town to get good shots of that too.

  5. mayaluna says:

    When you mentioned (I think at ZenCrafting) that you were getting creative over the weekend, I couldn’t wait to see what you had been up to. I’m blown away! I recognized Maine Momma’s blackbird instantly… the scalloped border works perfectly with it…and you nailed the Rob Ryan text. I think it’s my favorite too…but I don’t have to choose, do I? I also love your garden inspiration, especially the presentation. the final two are beautiful and thanks for the link to the book…I’m still so new to this world of snipping and didn’t know of its existance. I’m getting ready to try a snip of my own…I’ve only done freezer paper and my annual snowflakes…you’re all getting me quite inspired. This post might have pushed me over the edge.

  6. threesneakybugs says:

    Hey! I recognize that dusty miller! Your paper cuts are just fab. I love them.

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