The truest statement evuh!

When I was in Kansas City, Melinda (aka My Purple Crayon) took me to the Hammerpress letter press studio.  They had beautiful things there, and I couldn’t resist buying this poster.  A two word sentence that pretty much explains the entire universe.  The laundry gets washed, the laundry gets dirty.  You get your eyebrows plucked and neat one day and then before you know it, you look closely in the mirror and realize you are becoming Ape Girl again.  Summer vacation ends and school begins.  Sleeping in changes to the hustle and bustle of making breakfast, grabbing backpacks and homework, carpooling, remembering who has practice when and where. 

back to school by you.

The bounty of summer must either be eaten, put up for winter, or succumb to the first frost.  Soon there will be no more sun-ripened tomatoes or sweet corn, peaches or melons.  The &*%#!! Kitchen Fairy will start making big pots of rich and hearty soup, that I’m sure her family will adore and thus shower her with compliments!

In one year Nate has entered the double digits, Everett has become a teenager, and has gotten his own cell phone.  Our policy is that we will provide you with your own cell phone when you become a freshman, but we do not pay for extras like texting or ring tones, etc.  Everett decided he could not wait one more year so he payed for his own phone and pays the monthly service fee.  It sort of felt like we caved in on this one, but I know he was tired of borrowing his friends’ phones to call us to pick him up after practices and things. And if it’s important enough for him to fork over his own money then I guess we can be reasonable about it.  Now we can’t monitor how many times girls call him though, and do they ever call him.  EEERGGHH!  And they usually play this game. 

The girl, “Hi Everett!”

Everett, “Hi, who’s this?”

The girl, “Guess.”

Everett, “I don’t know, who is this?”

The girl, “Come on, guess.”

Everett, “I don’t know, and I’m hanging up now!”


And in this same year, on this very day Marshall turns 16!  And the first order of business was to take him to get his driver’s license.  See how things change.  He passed.  The boy was visibly shaking with the excitement of the moment and the freedom it represents.  The driving thing terrifies the crap out of me, but it will also be liberating to have him driving himself, and of course making last minute grocery store runs for the &*%#!! Kitchen Fairy!  He has changed from a baby, to a boy, to nearly a man.  My it went fast!



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  1. robyn says:

    Man, I used to be one of those silly girls calling boys who barely knew me. If I have daughters, I hope they never embarrass themselves the way I did!

  2. jacquie says:

    first…love hammerpress! it’s the greatest. i’m hoping my hubby will do some birthday shopping there. teens…driving, girls, cell phones, …sound so much like my life! good luck with that driving thing…my hair used to be brown.

  3. He’s a handsome one. I can see why the girls are chasing him.

  4. ellen kelley says:

    Awww, it does go so know that I know it.
    I say, go Everett, and hang up on those cheeky girls!
    Such handsome boys!
    If I can ever find the $#@**Fairies, kitchen or otherwise, I’ll be sure to send them your way once they are finished here.
    Your mother’s finds in the other post are unbelievable! I need to go to the prairie states.
    and a little p.s. I am thrilled to know that there is a crayon color named timber wolf. How cool is that?
    Off to cuss the fairies!

  5. threesneakybugs says:

    Happy Birthday to Marshall and to you – you done good.

  6. Anna Y says:

    Happy Birthday to Marshall. Hard to believe that you have such a grown up son, Jackie (thank you for sharing the photos). And you have a chauffer now. Somehow can’t imagine you sitting in the backseat with a bottle of bubbles (with some hangers on), embarassing him ala a parent I know..

    Funny I never did the call and hang up thing. But then again I was in the boy scouts and most of the “hottest” (and I use that time loosely) boys were in my troop. I grew up with them (and a few were good friends), so it was always amusing at school listening to conversations about them (and their cough cough merits), and being harassed for their numbers. If only they knew.. He is poliet only hanging up.

  7. Lori says:

    You could move to Tennesee. We were talking to a guy from there and he was telling us how tough that state is on teen drivers. One ticket for a moving violation you lose your license for–I don’t remember how long he said. I think that would make them be more careful, don’t you? I guess you don’t need the government for that rule though. What are parents for? 🙂
    Tell Marshall congratulations!

  8. mayaluna says:

    I LOVE your new print…love it! What great images you evoked to represent those simple words.
    About your “almost man” -Happy birthday to the both of you! I have my first entering the double digits in a couple of weeks and it’s hard to believe how fast that went…I can’t imagine him driving. I think you captured Marshall’s proud and thrilling moment perfectly in that photo…i’ll be thinking of you … don’t forget to breath!

  9. wow, marshall is one handsome guy! you’ve got some great boys, jackie, pat yourself on the back!

  10. I can’t believe one day I’ll say the same thing about my littlelittle Martin!!!

  11. Nancy says:

    Gosh, it seems like YESTERDAY that you took the photo of Marshall with the bagel. You’re a great mom–what a great guy Marshall is. Caroline continues to build on his fan club in her class. He definitely needs to come to her school to read or something!!

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