Vintage finds and Flare Friday

yo yo coverlet by you.

yo yo coverlet by you.

Over Labor Day weekend my mom and dad, my nephew, and my 87 year old grammie came to visit.  It was fun, and I don’t get to see my grammie often so I cherished her visit.  My mom and dad frequently go to auctions and often come home with all kinds of treasures.  My mom brought these two colorful pieces to show me.  The yo yo coverlet is really something.  Each yo yo is about the size of a tennis ball and so colorful.  She guesses that it might have been made in the 1970’s.    The quilt below is older and had some great novelty fabrics in the nine patches; watches, scotty dogs, chickens, stylized leaves.

old quilt  by you.

old quilt by you.

backside of yo yos by you.

And after I took these pictures I knew I had to jump into the Flare Friday group.  There are some really awesome pictures in that group pool!  And now I can add a couple of mine.

yo yos by you.

lit from within by you.

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  1. What gorgeous finds.

    I love yo yo’s. I’m not sure why but they really appeal to me.

  2. melinda says:

    wow. what amazing pics & amazing quilts!
    so, your mother just brings you these to taunt you with?
    I will steal that yoyo quilt undercover of darkness…where did you say your parents live?

  3. Anna Y says:

    So you mean I have to hunt your mum down to swipe that gorgeous yoyo quilt?? I give up already but I have to beat Melinda to it. 😀 My my, so lovely. Love the yellow quilt as well….. Might need to add that to my collection….

  4. mayaluna says:

    gorgeous quilts but your photos might just be even lovelier than your subjects…you’re that good!

  5. your mom has a great eye! and your flare fotos are fabulous. hope you’re having a great weekend!

  6. Ellie says:

    I really wish I could “catch” a little of your commitment to developing your photography skills/hobby/passion. I spend so much time oooh-ing and aahhhh-ing over great blogland photos, and less time figuring out what all the buttons on my Nikon are for. Cabin Girl

  7. Kara says:

    Jackie – I had to comment on the yo yo quilt..I think it is just freakish sometimes how parallels occur in our lives. My mom recently saw a yo you quilt in Lawrence and loved it. So, now she and I are working on a yo yo table runner as a mother/daughter project. Althogh, each of our yo yos is the size of a quarter. You mom’s quilt is beautiful and so are your pictures!

    P.S. Happy late birthday!!!

  8. Rachel says:

    I want a yo-yo quilt so much!!!!

  9. simpledaisy says:

    Hi there..
    Awesome photos!! I really love the last one!!
    Take care…

  10. trish says:

    Beautiful pictures! I LOVE quilts and do not need to know where I can find them. Seriously, blankets are an obsession of mine, and I do not need more places to spend money. 🙂

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