Tour of Missouri

 George Hincapie/Tour of Missouri by you.

I have a guest photographer on this post.  Brian, the lovely man that tolerates me, went to watch a time trial of the Tour of Missouri on Wednesday.  He borrowed the camera and took some photos.  The above photo is George Hincapie, a familiar name from that other big ride – the Tour de France!  Exciting, yes!  Brian is an avid recreational cyclist, and has done the MS150 ride 13 years running.  He watches the Tour de France every year, subscribes to Adventure Cyclist, and has plans to bike across America some day.  So he was pretty happy that this race was in our neck of the woods.  While he was watching the race he was standing near one of the turns the bicyclists had to make, and with horror he watched one of the riders take the curve too fast and wide.  The bike came flying off the curve into the loose gravel and the rider and bike became airborne before both slammed to the ground.  Brian ran over to the gentleman to check on him, and he told me later the guy was unconscious for about 5 minutes with blood dripping from his nose.  Luckily the ambulance was close at hand.  Long story short, the rider, Blake Caldwell ended up having multiple fractures and a concussion.  

The curve! by you.

Here is the curve. Yikes!

George Hincapie by you.

Another picture of Hincapie.

Tour of Missouri by you.

Tour of Missouri by you.

yellow jersey rider/Cavendish by you.

And this is a picture of the bicycle rider who was wearing the yellow jersey that day.  It’s not everyday you get to see a professional bike race.

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  1. Anna Y says:

    How cool, I wonder if my fave Australian riders, Robbie (hem can’t spell the last name) and Cadel Evans were there too. One of these days I am going to go watch the tour too! My dream is to do the tour de Hokkaido with CT on the kiddie seat….

  2. melinda says:

    oops, should have checked here first before I commented on flickr…good pics Brian!

  3. My tired eyes looked at the photo of Hincapie and wondered why he was wearing those thigh high hose. (Look at that first photo and see if you see what I see.)

    I love the bike reporting in the blog! Tell the hubby that I heartily approve.

    Wow, that rider sure was lucky to have wrecked near Brian. If I am unconscious and bleeding out of my nose, I’d be thankful to have landed near him.

  4. simpledaisy says:

    Awesome photos!!!
    They are very inspiring….as I will be riding in a 50 mile ride in 2 weeks!! But I am sure I won’t be anywhere near as fast!!!

  5. how fun for brian to see the race in person. ouch! to the guy that took a spill…

  6. ellen kelley says:

    What fabulous photographs and how exciting to be right there…a wonderful opportunity.

  7. jacquie says:

    wow! great pics. feel for that poor guy who missed the curve. got to see these riders when they raced through kansas city. all my shots were blurry (no surprise there!).

  8. smoothpebble says:

    I thought Hincapie was wearing thigh highs too…….Well, heck they shave their legs why not wear hose as well!

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