Will wonders never cease

I got some interesting mail Saturday.  I received a mobile in the mail from my VERY tardy swap partner!  I know some of you remember how long ago that swap was.  But the gentlemen sent it with an apology and an explanation that he was moving, and he either needed to mail it or it would go into storage.  Secretly I think he just wanted it dangling in his house for as long as possible! 

And, I may be 45 but I can bring home the silver!  I ran a 10K (6.2 miles) in a fun run Saturday and got 2nd in my age group.  I won’t tell you how few women were running in my age category because the only thing that counts is that I come home with a chunky piece of metal dangling from a ribbon.

Those are the wonders.  Now I’m going to back up a little.  First of all I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all of you for those wonderful birthday greetings!  And I’m extremely excited by those of you joining in the fun for the Illuminated Phrase.  They are as follows in no particular order:

Melinda, Lea, Julia, Anna Y., Amy, Scrappy Annie, Jen, Ellie, Jacquie, Ellen, Maya, Rachel, Patricia, Jan, Anna, Martha, Sispoombah, Kristina.  If I missed anyone, or there is anyone still interested let me know, and I’ll put you down.  Also, there are already a few things posted in the group so don’t forget to sign up for the group.  And you are certainly not limited to only one creation, but in the interest of not overwhelming things maybe keep it to 5 or less.  Ha, I have yet to start on one, but some of you seem to accomplish things much quicker.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the quilt show I went to on Thursday.  I found myself gravitating towards the older things, like the display of sample patterns from the Kansas City Star from the late 1920’s on.

vintage quilt block sample by you.

propeller by you.

old quilt pattern by you.

sample of quilt block pattern by you.

love the title by you.

This would have been the one I would have made.  I love that mushroom fabric!

patchwork by you.


Cathedral window quilt by you.

And this pattern is called Cathedral Window.  I’ve always loved this pattern, but in the description of this quilt it said it took the woman 16 years to make this.  My mother had started one of these back in the 70’s, and had all the little scraps in a shoe box.  Well, she ended up throwing it away – Waaaaaaa!! I’ve seen some other cool Cathedral Window quilts on flickr too.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. simpledaisy says:

    WOW!!! That’s awesome about the run!! WooHoo for you!!

  2. Martha says:

    Congrats on the 10K run! You go girl!
    And thanks for sharing the photos from the quilt show! Great pics, by the way, quilts are difficult to capture and you did very well.
    Now, I better get hopping on the Illuminated Phrase!

  3. First things first. Mobile. I cannot BELIEVE that you actually got that. I felt so badly when you didn’t get your exchange. I’ve had that happen to me before in a Sunday School Secret Pal kind of thing, and it made me feel ridiculously ignored. It’s a nice looking mobile though. What is it made of?

    Second. Look at the medal! You go, Girl!!!!!!!!! I’m impressed you can run that. Back in the day when I was jogging, I was excited to do 3 miles. Never got beyond that. And you got a medal….. Impressive.

    How fun to see the old quilts. I have some old quilts that are “well loved” as they say. I can’t toss them, but they’re too homely to display. Those were still in nice shape.

    Kind of like you. Well loved and still in good shape after all these years. ………hehehe

  4. melinda says:

    …perhaps “contrary wife” should be my illuminated phrase…

  5. andrea says:

    congrats on the medal! and that mobile is just fantastic! :]

  6. threesneakybugs says:

    Holy crap that mobile is late! But I’m so glad he didn’t completely flake on you.

    Way to go on the 10k. Not sure I could even walk one of those these days.

    Lastly, thanks for sharing the quilt pics. I just adore a good old fashion quilt. Not the same as today’s quilts are they? The next time I visit my moms I should do a little quilt post with pics of my great grandmother’s quilts. You would simply not believe the embroider on one of them.

  7. congratulations on the 10k! every week i say “this is the week i start running again” and it never happens. you’re inspiring me to get up early tomorrow and begin re-training my body…

    the mobile was worth the wait! it’s beautiful. what are the color pieces made of?

  8. Anna Y says:

    Congratulations on the 10K run. I cannot run. I have a ‘minor’ foot deformaty, which prevents me from running. So I admire anyone who can run more than a few metres. Well done!! 😀 Um who cares how many people did the run, you did it!

    So you mean that there might be hope of my mobile rocking up. Okay, fingers crossed. But this year I have 2 swaps where people reneged and one where the postie lost it. 😦 But then again the generosity of many people have blown me away as well. 😀

    I want to go find where some of those quilts reside on a permanent basis.. I might just borrow a few (especially the hex) permanently..

  9. Nancy says:

    I just love these photos– they are amazing!! Check out this website http://www.raised in cotton.com –think you will like it.

    Way to go on the medal. I hate to admit it, but I can’t get myself to register for a run b/c I have to put my age down!!

  10. jacquie says:

    a 10K…wow that is fab and and a silver medal too…i want to be like you! i was thinking a 5K might be a good goal for me. thanks for sharing these quilt pics…i have a cathedral window started too…mine is going to be a pillow…can’t imagine making a quilt using this technique.

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