ozarks fall feature

spider web tent by you.

spider that looks like a squid by you.

funnel web by you.

quite large by you.

orb weaver by you.

And just for fun I reversed the image to the negative.

the negative image by you.

Every fall the spiders seem to come out of hiding and spin their webs everywhere. So that when you go hiking or biking or just walking in the yard you end up with a face full of clingy spider web.  Maybe the spiders know that Halloween is right around the corner.  Normally we see the beautiful black and yellow garden spiders with the zipper shape down the middle of their web, but we haven’t seen them this year.  What the spiders do with their threads is extraordinary!  And I couldn’t help but think of the things I’ve seen lately made by human fingers with needle and thread.

 felt ring made by mypurplecrayon by you.

This gorgeous wool felt ring was made by Melinda.  She gave me this one, and she was wearing one made out of blue wool with two buttons on it.  She will have to take a picture of it. *hint, hint*  Such a simple and beautiful way to make use of small scraps of wool felt, and a special button or two.

Cross stitch is fun! - DAY 256 by auxpetitsoiseaux.

And a wee bit of cross stitch made by Claudia

obtuse tee by Blogging Molly.

parallelogram t-shirt by Blogging Molly.

And these brilliantly embroidered tees by Molly.  The tee shirt is my daily uniform, and I love the idea of embroidering something on them.  You could do all sorts of things.  Doesn’t it make the wheels in your brain start spinning!  And these are all small and portable projects, which is just what I need since we have an overnight bike trip, and two camping weekends planned in the next few weeks.

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  1. I love the spider web shots. Especially the one with dew and the one with water drops. The dewey one looks like a dark vortex. We have a giant web near the front door, under the eaves. Since it isn’t in the way of us walking into it, we’ve just enjoyed watching the goings on.

  2. ellen kelley says:

    These pictures are just amazing. I hope, hope, hope that one day I may do as well with the camera. Wow!
    Great embroidery, too.
    You have some busy time ahead and it sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. andrea says:

    oh, those t-shirts are nice! love the pics, too!

  4. threesneakybugs says:

    I never see spider webs that big up here. Not sure if it’s because I live in the city or because of how far north we are. I sure don’t miss the spiders from southern IL. Those are some amazing shots though.

    Also, as you already know I love Melinda’s ring. very inspiring. And those ts crack me up.

  5. Anna Y says:

    I miss spider webs like that. Happy loves creepy crawlies and encourages spiders to spin webs in his yard. Singaporeans don’t really like spiders (webs = mess = cleaning). Shame.

  6. arg! warning, please, i just sat down with my mid-morning yogurt, and spiders… blech! :]

    sound like you have some fun stuff coming up! it’s great to find little projects to bring with.

  7. applecyder says:

    claudia’s cross stich is great. that girl has good taste.

  8. jacquie says:

    we have beautiful web spinning spiders out at the country house…wish i could capture them like you do. amazing photos. i’m excited about the illuminated phrase…not started yet…but i’ve been thinking.

  9. Claudia says:

    oh cool! this is my bunny (my first cross stitch project). I just ordered a japanese cross stitch book because it’s SO not popular in Montreal…I can’t find any cute patterns. I really like portable projects even if people look at me funny in the bus!!!

  10. Ellie says:

    Smooth. .
    Your pictures are knocking my socks off more and more these days. My sacred “me” times seem fewer and farther between, and I tune into bloggerland to discover post after post of amazing stuff I want to catch up on. You are definitelyl honing (sp?) your craft with the camera.
    I LOVE the obtuse angle tee. Once when Emily was in kindergarten she wrote me a mother’s day card that was supposed to say “You are an angel”, but she wrote, “Mommy, I love you, you are like a angle.” It is still my favorite note ever, and I really feel that I NEED the angle tee.
    Cabin Girl

  11. Lil' d says:

    What beautiful photos. The webs around here are usually tiny, broken affairs, with black widdows lurking.

    An obtuse t-shirt would be very fitting around here…

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