Gratitude #12….A good book or two or three

Delightful lunch companions (gratitude #12) by you.

There’s nothing in the house for lunch (okay, that’s an exaggeration) so I made a batch of popcorn and a cup of tea and cracked open the latest book I’ve fallen in love with.  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is one of those books that I can’t put down, but yet I don’t want to come to the end.  Because I’ve fallen hard for the characters in this book.  I first came across this book at Hey Lady! Watcha Readin’? and was initially put off by the title.  It sounded too cutesy.  But then when I went to the library there it was sitting on the shelf – and who am I to deny destiny.  So, I checked it out.  And when I think what I might have missed, well it’s just too dreadful to contemplate.  It’s written in a series of letters – I know this is nothing new or particularly clever – but the details and the characters are so enchanting you feel like they’ve become your personal friends.  Kind of like the people I’ve met through blogging.  You instantly like them and then you grow to love some of them.  

The other book pictured above is one that I will keep on my shelf.  Every once in a while I read a book that I consider a “keeper”.  This is one of them.  I Am The Messenger is written by the author of The Book Thief which is another wonderful book.  I Am The Messenger is a compelling story in and of itself, but it’s the phrasing that made me swoon.  “The days and nights come apart.  I feel them corroding at the seams.”  “I think she ate a salad and some soup.  And loneliness.  She ate that, too.  I liked her.”    So, there you go, book review!  And if you read either one and hate them feel free to tell me.  I can handle it.  Maybe.  I may fall out of love with you, but I’ll probably still like you!

And you know I can’t pass up magazines either.  What’s the deal?  It’s a little mini jolt of guilty pleasure to buy a magazine.   The Stitch purchase is all Anna’s fault.  These two were fun to look through because so many familiar names popped up.  And I’ve been contemplating buying a Mixtape or two.  Anyone else bought those and are they worth it?

inspiration addiction by you.

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  1. Melinda says:

    Heeeeey, how did you know I’ve been needing a good read…Thanks Smooth!

  2. MichelleB says:

    Loved, loved, loved (loved) The Book Thief and I Am The Messenger. I’ll definitely have to read the Guernsey book. There was just something about in the latest Costco mag (hey, it IS a magazine) – about how the author died before it was published and her niece finished the rewrites for her. Very touching.

    Have you read The Thirteenth Tale? I loved that book too. I felt the same way about that book – I wanted to read it because I loved it, but I didn’t want it to end. So, I ended up reading it veeeerrrrryyyyy slowly. Just to savor it. Same with American Gods – although not everyone is a Neil Gaiman fan. I still want to read Stardust by him, because the movie is so wonderful.

  3. i loved the book thief, and am excited to check out i am the messenger! i look forward to curling up with a new book, popcorn, and tea! or maybe some wine… as soon as xmas craziness passes.

  4. I love knowing what you’re reading and what you think about the books. I’m not a very adventurous reader. Mostly I want to know what reads well and what does not. So, when you share your faves, I figure I’ll like them too. I guess I need to do that on my blog once in a while and return the favor.

  5. Ayama says:

    mixtape is definately worth the money. I <3s them but rarely have the buttocks in gear and miss out. luckily i have a friend who is super organised with a subscription, though. ohh will need to go the library’s online catlogue and see if your recommendations are in stock, love markus zusak. might i recommend books by jasper fforde?? a little off the wall but who couldn’t love thursday next, jurisfiction, or special ops, or a world where croquet is the new soccer and goliath corporation is a company we all love to hate?? ohhh another thanks for a brillant idea, popcorn for the party tonight. 😀 smooth, you are definately an ideas girl!!

  6. Claudia says:

    I just wrote down all the book titles. Since most of my friends are french I have a difficult time to find good books in english! And magazines…how can we not love magazines 🙂

  7. simpledaisy says:

    Hi there…
    Magazines are definately my guilty pleasure!!!
    Have a happy thanksgiving!

  8. mayaluna says:

    I am a bookworm turned blogworm. I find that reading books is not part of my life in the same way that it used to be. I miss them. Thanks for your recommendations, because my goal is to read a couple around the holidays when I take a blog break. Magazines, that’s another story… a guilty pleasure, I always make time for. I just got two new ones: Sew Hip (the first issue of the British mag edited by Manda of Treefall Designs) and my first Mixtape. Love them both. I’m considering a subscription to Mixtape. Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

  9. dianeschuller says:

    you’re going to think I’m a stalker (having left comments and questions at Flickr and in your Flickr mail). I was so intrigued (as you can likely tell by now) by the two books (and you’ll see by the questions I asked) that I felt the need to keep clicking to your blog. Voila!! Now my questions have been answered! I’m definitely going to get the Guernsey Literary … book and will also have to read the one by Zuzak as well — I LOVED his other book, The Book Thief. So glad I happened upon your Flickr site again … would have totally missed this great bit of info. I’ll finally quit stalking now! 😀


  10. Patricia says:

    I’m on a total mag-buying jag. I just picked up the Stitch mag at Joann Fabrics after seeing it on Uniform Studio’s blog, and I just received my first issue of Mixtape. I also got THREE issues of Cloth Paper Scissors mag. Clearly I need help b/c I haven’t read any of them yet! I’m also on a book-reading jag, so I’ll just throw out that the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer is immensely readable and I’m still thinking about the last one, which I read Saturday morning. I had read a review of the Guernsey book, and I’ll be sure to check that out, along with your other picks. Thanks!!

  11. Anna says:

    You can only blame me for the Stitch mag if you make something in it. Then I’ll take all the credit, er, I mean blame.

  12. trish says:

    I can’t believe you found the Guernsey book at the library! My library is up to 246 requests for that book…glad you like it!

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