HO HO HO, now I’ve got my Christmas groove on.


Anna of Sew What tagged me for seven random facts, and I’m going to give it a Christmas twist.

1.  The above photo is my brother and I sitting on the Santa-who-could-care-less’s lap, circa early 1970’s.

2.  The first marital spat that B. and I experienced was over Christmas.  The universal clash of family traditions.  As I was wrapping presents one evening he became thoroughly sick of my Christmas overkill.  You know, I was wrapping all the packages with drill sergeant precision, and probably had the perfect Christmas cards all picked out with just the right United States Postal Service holiday stamps, and stressing about getting all the right gifts for all the people on my list.  Anywhoo, he proceeded to say a naughty word and stomped down to the basement.  This proceeded to make me very angry, so I yelled a naughty word down the stairs at him, and started tearing all the perfectly chosen and perfectly spaced Christmas ornaments off the tree with the intention of throwing the tree out in the backyard when I was done.  We laugh about it now, and it was our only argument that first year of marriage.

3.  I am in my church’s handbell choir and we are performing this Saturday for our little town’s Winterfest.  I’m excited and nervous both.  And I once had a small solo part in our highschool’s performance of Handel’s Messiah – which is a small miracle in itself as I can’t carry a tune in a bucket!

4.  I’m waiting for my 15 pounds of chocolate to arrive so I can make confections, and pack them with drill sergeant precision in these awesome Martha Stewart boxes. 


5.  When my brother and I were little we would always celebrate at my grandparent’s house with our cousins.  One year my grandpa went up in the attic and started stomping around as if Santa had arrived.  We all promptly burst into tears.

6.  Diane (Mackville Road) and I are the self professed eggnog guzzling queens.  And I’m on a quest to find a homemade recipe that is good and less expensive than store bought.  But looking at all the recipe ingredient lists I’m not sure a cheaper version is possible.  I did find a vegan recipe I’m going to try as well.

7.  When it comes to Christmas decorating I’m always torn between sparkly and natural.  But I think I’ve figured out a way to have both  –  GLITTER!!  Take your natural pine cones or whatever you have and cover them in glitter.  Now take yourself and roll around in some glitter and see if you don’t feel festive immediately. 

Feel free to participate in the Christmas version of random facts, and if you want to receive a Christmas card from me just send me your address at b(dot)jackie79(at)yahoo(dot)com.  I need to know how many cards to have printed up!  Yea, I’ve decided to stuff my inner Scrooge in a back closet.  Now I’m off to the Sew Mama Sew giveaway bonanza.  *Well, shoot I think the response has crashed their server*  As a consolation though they have an easy click button to access their 2008 Handmade Holiday tutorials.

14 Comments Add yours

  1. MichelleB says:

    Let me know if you find a good eggnog recipe – I buy it by the gallon at Costco for my family.

  2. yes. more glitter is needed.

    i’ve never understood the allure of eggnog. but maybe if i had the kind with booze in it, i’d get it?

    send me a card! do you have my address?

  3. applecyder says:

    Wait–why did you guys cry when your Grandfather was stomping in the attic? I don’t get it.

    Anna tagged me too–so I may put a xmas twist on my random facts too…thanks for the good idea.

    Love those boxes. I will be baking lots of Martha cookies, but I am way too much of a scrooge to cough up the dough for those gorgeously perfect boxes. Darn it!

  4. smoothpebble says:

    I think we probably cried because a. we were scared, and b. if Santa was there it meant we should be in bed not up and about, so in our minds there was the possibility he might skip giving us presents.

  5. simpledaisy says:

    Hi there..
    Well…I think you can tell by now that I am a total glitter girl!! I grew gourds last summer and painted them silver and sprinkled glitter all over them!! They turned out pretty cute I think!!
    Take care!!!

  6. Diane says:

    GoodNESS I hope you are kidding about that vegan eggnog!!! I am not at all opposed to vegan-ness but vegan eggnog?! That’s not right!! I decided the other day that buying the darn near $6 quart bottles of organic eggnog was going to have to come to an end — I called a friend who told me that I was SO WRONG to be buying that stuff because she makes hers FROM SCRATCH –(just so you know I had to interrupt this comment because I’m burning our dinner — whoops!) — anyway, since I buy my milk from her and I can buy extra cream if need be I called her up for the recipe. She directed me to Fannie Farmer’s cookbook. I haven’t been able to do it. 12 eggs?! Eeps. But I wait at the edge of my seat to hear if you come up with something… (sorry I prattled on for so long. But you know how I feel about this subject : )

    So cute, that pic of you and your brother!

  7. Well that was fun to read. I like the Christmas twist. I, myself, have been obsessed over all things Christmas. Now, however, I am not. I barely give gifts, except to my daughter, granddaughter, neices and nephews. Cards are a problem. THEY have to be perfect, and I rarely find perfect ones.

    Eggnog? Yum! I have to look for my Dad’s recipe. He was the Eggnog barrista in our family. He did docter it up quite a bit with Lord knows what alcohol, but he made us kids virgin nog.

    I need to send you my address. I need your address too. (I am really bad about saving those things, so I doubt I still have it.) jan

  8. Oh. Nice banner too. Broken ornaments. Who can’t relate??? Reminds me though of the photo of Nate on the floor with an outline of lights. You have such a unique sense of humor….which is a compliment. (And per my first comment, I really do know how to spell “doctor.”) (Although I kinda like “docter.”)

  9. Melinda says:

    well now, don’t you just rock absolutely the “orange coat & bare knees” look!who knew… and hey, the B-man might just be a fan of that look now, humnnnh?
    and just so you know, I’ll only be stop drop and rolling about in the glitter if I’m promised elves who will magically appear to do the Hoovering up when I’m through…:-)

  10. Nancy says:

    Oh, don’t you look great in orange! What a stylish little girl hanging out with Santa. Are you holding your wish list? Your brother looks very GQ as well. Very cute picture of you.

  11. Kim says:

    Happy Holidays…
    Despite the fact that vegan eggnog sounds slightly wrong, I was actually wondering if you have the recipe available. I love eggnog, but recently realized it makes me terribly sick. I’m not sure what it is, but everytime I have a few sips, I come down with horrible chills. So, if you wouldn’t mind sharing, I’d be curious to try that recipe. Thanks!

  12. Lori says:

    Well, you know that I love getting a card from you, but what I want to know is– Does one of those cute boxes of homemade chocolate have my name on it? 🙂

  13. Ayama says:

    Jumping up and down here waving my hands about like a mad thing here… We would love a Christmas card down here in tropical Singapore. 😀 Love the Chrissie slant on the seven things. Hmmm, might jump on the bandwagon… I definately have 7 random things to write about the Silly Season. Looking lovely in that coat but a cold Christmas?? Weird in my world. I’m with Melinda on the glitter (says the same idjot that invites people over to do kiddie craft with tons of glitter…) front. Trying to get the Grinch (aka S) into the Christmas spirit. He thinks it is just a commercial rip off and not about the whole family thing (New Years is a HUGE thing in his mind, though.) We need to some how create tradtions that suit us in our international marriage. After we return the Santa suit (that’s an email rant), I’ll let CT loose on the card stock to create you a beeediful card. 😀

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