Last Minute Etsy Gift Ideas

Whale Soap Dish

Fox and Clover

black EAT dish.


city of lights necklace

Blue Moss 

home sweet home. pink

Somethings Hiding Here

Bird love teapot


jesse journal no. 4

Painted Fish Studio

Volkswagon Camper Letterpress Print

Old School Stationers

Frame Pouch L - Japanese Plum Flowers on Orange

Field of Roses

Living off the Grid

Yellow Canoe

totem - hand screenprinted fabric in coal black on oatmeal


Russian Cathedral Tee


My very good friend and I also came up with this money saving idea.  We usually buy gifts for each other, but in the interest of saving time, money, and stress we opted to do something different.  We decided to cut out the pictures in catalogs of things we would buy for each other and then  put them in our Christmas card to each other.  It’s actually kind of fun, because you can “spend” as much money as you want.

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  1. beautiful etsy collection! and i’m not just saying that because you included me (thank you!). you’ve picked a few of my favorite sellers…

    love your catalog picture idea! but i think i’d be sad to see all those beautiful things you’d buy me, only on paper. ;]

  2. Such cool goodies.

    Lucky for me, I don’t have a lot of shopping to do. M and I happily do not buy each other gifts, as we do this all year. My siblings and I don’t either, though we buy small items for the next generation. My granddaughter and daughter will both get bikes when I fly out there. I hate store shopping, so a lot of what I do buy comes from online.

  3. Patricia says:

    Aw, did you have to tempt me some more? Maybe I’ll just print out all of these items and hang them in my office as my present to myself!

  4. Think the blue and red birds on crockery are my favourite…

  5. Claudia says:

    Such a beautiful list! I wanted to get bird cup but the shipping is a little to much for my budget! And cups never stay intact for a long time in this house!!!

  6. batspit says:

    Wait, you buy christmas presents? I always make mine the night before with school glue and glitter…
    maybe my family will give me more than coal if I get them presents and don’t make them from tissue and toilet paper tubes…. will give this some thought…. 😉

  7. lovely treasury…..thanks for including the necklace. i’m going out to etsy to check out all the great things you included.
    love your catalog idea, i think i would get carried away with pasting in pictures!

  8. kristin says:

    i LOVE all of these!!!!! especially that bird cup and bowl! wow.

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