Looking for any reason to throw a party!

We live in a crazy world!  So let’s have a party….  It’s a crazy world because someone like me can have a public forum like this, and cause my family such eye rolling hysterics, and make it an entire year without the establishment pulling the plug.  That’s right.  An. entire. year.  of more or less having an online diary.  And let me tell you – years ago when I came across an old journal from highschool English I was mortified.  Correction:  MORTIFIED!!  It was filled with overly dramatic drivel, and rebellion because I used the word ain’t in every other sentence.  Also, the main bits of writing I remember sounded like this “I can’t stand so and so (name not provided here to protect the innocent), she thinks she is so (fill in the blank)!   So what in the world am I doing now?  Probably providing my future 65 year old self with a wealth of MORTIFICATION!! 

Oh yes, I mentioned a party!  I’m having an anniversary giveaway!  I’m very excited and can’t wait to pick two random winners.  These are the goodies that I’ll be giving away.  The first is this book:

Jan. 12, 2009  walkabout 090 by you.

This book is reason enough to throw a party.  An Explorer of the World?  Absolutely count me in!  How about you?  Don’t you want to be an Explorer of the World?  collecting things, making observations, creating stories and experiences, digging deeper, seeing the connections?  Melinda gave me a copy of this book for Christmas, and immediately I knew it was something to be shared.  So that’s item #1.

Item #2 is a little something to brighten up the dreary days of winter.

moss terrarium by you.

Yesterday I went on an expedition to collect moss.  And with that moss I made this terrarium.  And it could be yours.  It needed some colorful little mushrooms to complete the scene.

moss and shrooms by you.

blogversary giveaway! by you.

Just leave a comment between now and Sunday, January 18th, 11:59 p.m.  At that time I will randomly select two winners!  Well, the next morning I mean.

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  1. knackstudio says:

    Congrats Jackie !! I have certainly enjoyed reading your blog lately!!

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway as well!! Pick me!! 🙂

  2. kristin says:

    oh my gosh. at first i was SOOO about that book, i will get one regardless yes i want to be an explorer! {hands waving wildly above head!} but a little sweet mossy terrarium with a mushroom with a heart???? are you kidding me?????? oh dear love it!

    congrats on your year of wonderfulness and sharing with us all.
    i look forward to your new year.

    xo kristin

  3. Diane says:

    Yay! Happy Anniversary! I hope you don’t feel MORTIFIED when you’re 65. At least not by your blog!! : )

  4. I absolutely know what you mean about the mortifying feeling of reading old journals. Owwie. I kept them for years. And the truly meaty stuff….the painful/useful stuff…..I either ripped out or crossed out. And all the boys I had crushes on??? If you count all the names of those boys, there must have been almost as many boys as there were days of the year.

    It hadn’t occurred to me that I might find this scary reading in years to come. I sure hope not………. ugh.

  5. mayaluna says:

    Happy, Happy Blogiversa to you! I’m so glad we “met” early on… I think I only missed a couple of months. Some day I will go back to the beginning! I’m so grateful to Pat for introducing us. I remember how I felt the first time I read your blog… I’ve loved your humor and sincerity from the get go! Yeah Jackie! Your give-away is phenomenal… sign me up!!! My mother and I were just admiring How to Be an Explorer of The World recently. What a wonderful book. Your terrarium, too!!? Someone is going to be extremely lucky… hope it’s me:)

  6. mayaluna says:

    Not sure what a Blogiversa is, but I hope your Blogiversary is a happy one!

  7. steph says:

    Wow! Kristin sent me this link and I’m happy to have found your blog! I didn’t know Keri Smith had a new book out and if it’s as good as the last few then I’m anxious to see it.
    Of curse, I would “give” it to my boys–but the moss and the mushrooms? hello? COVET! 🙂

    nice to meet you!

  8. yay! a party! i’ll come with the wine!

    congratulations on 1 year, it has been wonderful reading you!

  9. Ayama says:

    Happy blog anniversary. It was so much fun “meeting” you last year through Elsie Marley’s mobile swap. I got something better than a mobile from that swap: very special friends. 😀

    Aren’t teenage journals interesting?? Mine was all about how I needed to study harder so I wouldn’t end up a housewife and would prefer to spend purgatory having head flushed in the loo than be a teacher, among other things.

  10. MichelleB says:

    Happy anniversary! One year of possible mortifying thoughts. Actually, I think they are wonderful thoughts. And I think you will think so too, when you are 65.

  11. simpledaisy says:

    I am intrigued by the book!! I think it’s so important to slow down enough in life to actually dig deeper, make connections and truly be inspired by all that life has to offer….that includes good and bad!!
    Take care~

  12. Jessie says:

    Happy 1st blogiversary to you! Now, on to the presents! I bought the book as a gift, but I don’t have one here at home! And the mossy terrarium is wonderful. Choices, choices….

  13. applecyder says:

    CONGRATS SMOOTH! This post made me chuckle. I am pretty sure I will be mortified by my blog one day–and I know that my kids will be.

    Love those mushrooms. So cute. PICK ME!

  14. Happy blogiversary! I completely missed mine. It was only when I realised that I vaguely remembered writing about Christmas before, that I noticed that any anniversary had passed a long while back. Still, that’s what you’d expect from a woman who has to check the calendar each year for the date of her own wedding anniversary…

    That book looks great and the terrarium absolutely lovely. I killed off my one surviving house plant, so green would be a welcome addition around here.

    My husband threw away my little piece of honeycomb.

  15. Sharna says:

    LOVE this post! Love Keri Smith too! Great give away!

  16. batspit says:

    awesome! I have been planning my terrarium for a week or so now… i want/have to wait on the moss- tomorrows projected high is 16. which is way, way, way way way too cold.

    (i got a birthday card and present from you! thanks!)

  17. Jen says:

    Oooh I love giveaways!

    Happy blogiversary!

    I’ve got the Guerilla Art Kit, which is another book by Keri Smith and that is fabulous, so I’ve sure the Explorer book is fab too!

  18. Leslie says:

    Oh, how fun! Congrats on making it through your first year. And a party to celebrate is an awesome idea. I’ve seen that book online but I’ve never had a chance to look at it in person. I’d love to own it! And your terrarium is adorable. I haven’t made one of those since I was a kid! Have a wonderful weekend and keep warm 🙂

  19. threesneakybugs says:

    Phew! I was really worried I missed the party. I’m so behind in my bloglines it ain’t funny.

    Congratulations chica! I’m so glad I met you out in the blogosphere. Keep up the good work. (And what awesome giveaway items.)

  20. Patricia says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I can’t believe that two of my favorite photobloggers started at the same time (you and Resurrection Fern)–what was going on last January to inspire such magic? Whatever it was, I am grateful! You’ve inspired me tremendously with your words and images, your keen wit, your intelligence, your caring. I wish you many, many, many more years of posting to add to the pride you will feel in your golden years at what you’ve created.

  21. Kristina says:

    It is adorable! Congrats.

  22. Nancy says:

    Congratulations Jackie on your blog’s first year. I really like all your crafts and the mushrooms are very cute. Real moss? How long will it last? Quite a while I think. I wish I had kept my journal from high school. Nice to be reminded how we used to think and what we focused on.

  23. Aimee says:

    That book looks wonderful, and so does the terrarium! Thanks!

  24. Rachel says:

    I looove the moss terrarium! Love it!

  25. Sam says:

    The terrarium is soo cute!
    I love Keri Smith’s stuff.
    How to Wreck a Journal is also awesome!

  26. Claudia says:

    Wonderful…happy blogiversary!
    Yeah, kinda forgot my own 1st blog anniversary!
    Oh well…not the end of the world!

    That terrarium is totally cool! Moss is so awesome 🙂

  27. Ellie says:

    I may have the book, but I definitely could use me some of them cute mushrooms.

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