Where are you Sigmund Freud?

365) by you.

Last Sunday Nate asked me to play Phase 10 with him.  It started out as a nice way to wile away a lazy afternoon.  It didn’t take long before he was kicking my butt.  Which for him turns into victory humming, and singing, and mid game victory dances. 

mid card game victory dance by you.

And I certainly didn’t let this go unchecked.  I joined  in with my own completely obnoxious and all in good fun trash talking!  What’s a card game without some trash talking, right?  It got very interesting though when this boy –



who seemed to be minding his own business (reading the survival handbook) caught a whiff of Nate’s pre-emptive celebrating.  Now Everett wasn’t about  to miss an opportunity to bring Nate down a peg, so he asked if he could play too.  I tell him sure, love to have him.  This immediately put Nate on the defensive and had him grumbling under his breath.  So we played another round, which Everett ended up winning, and that’s when the chemistry between those too positively became combustible.  Everett was in hog heaven knowing  he’d gotten under Nate’s skin.  Nate pouted and even started to sniffle a  little.  Whereupon I did my finger wagging and lecturing about how if they didn’t knock it off the game would be over.  It was a doomed game from that point on.  Nate ended up having to go to his room, and Everett had to hear me tell him for the 300th time to stop antogonizing his little brother.

Sibling chemistry, and the mom caught in the middle.  Paybacks are hell, my brother and I put a hole in a bathroom door, and he broke my retainer once when he punched me in the mouth.  (now you know the truth mom and dad about what happened to my retainer)  How’s your family chemistry?

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  1. apple cyder says:

    Oh, we all (6 of us) tended to fight like cats and dogs.

  2. knackstudio says:

    ok , this made me laugh so hard!! Is this not always what seems to happen? You are doing something lovely and fun and being together and ultimately the kids end up causing such a ruckus that it’s over in a flash and leaves you breathless as to what just happened!!

    I have a 10 year old daughter and a 12 year old son and they LOVE to get on eachothers last nerve! Teachable moments, but very frustrating at times!

    Thanks again for such a great read! have an awesome weekend!!

  3. Having one child, I missed out on all that sibling stuff as a parent. I do feel badly for my daughter, however, because in years to come she doesn’t have anyone to do the “remember when” game with.

    As for me, I totally understand the chemistry between siblings. My sister and I would knock the tar out of each other. And then my Mom would knock the tar out of whoever she deemed to be the instigator.

    Good times. ; )

  4. ellen kelley says:

    Oh, Sweetie P……..
    Trust me, it will be o.k. They will continue to “grow up”. They will continue to be annoyed with each other. But (never start a sentence with “But”) they will learn to appreciate and accept and even, yes even, enjoy their differences. They will all be so different, but will share a common history and values.
    As mine have in the past, they will complain that none is available, none is answering a call, none will care…but, you know what???…they will be there for each other and will bring such joy to each other.
    And (never start a sentence with “And”) they will seek each other out and laugh like Hell over the things that they did while at home….and they will spend as much time as is possible with one another.
    Mom and Dad and boys will share such laughter over the impossible and incredible ridiculousness of all.
    You will all join round the table, look at one another, and declare: “This is the best family ever. Thank God I was put in this place, this time, and with this wonderful circle of goodness.”
    They will be best friends forever.
    exess an o’s to you.

  5. Patricia says:

    combustible here as well! i think it’s in inverse proportion to the temperature outside!

  6. My brothers were 5 and 6 years older than me, so I missed out on a lot of the sibling rivalry (nb. do NOT buy boys swords for gifts, they will not see them as decorative items…). I was either ignored or tortured. They always told me to let them know if anyone ever picked on me, though.

    My kids are still at the stage where they can’t decide if they are best buddies or happiest when the other is most miserable…

  7. Nancy says:

    Something about kids needing to “one up” each other. It’s difficult to deal with sometimes. Games are fun, but, boy howdy, look out. Losing and winning means more to kids. Best wishes.

  8. Ayama says:

    Seeing that CT is the only and lonely one at the moment, can’t comment on sibling wars as a parent. As a sibling, though, that is a very different story. Totally agree with Ellen. My brother and I fought a lot as we got older (and for a period of time we ignored each other, then things got really awkward between us you can ask why but I will divulge here). Our parents had the rule, it takes to tango and two to fight. So when we dusted each other up, we sorted it out too as we would both get punished. Assorted bruises were blamed on rough play in the nature strip…. There were a few times where it was difficult to explain things away, like the asthma attack that landed him in hospital (we claimed it was something he ate but the hospital staff were suspicious of the bruise on his back, that we had to ‘fess up about because you could see the medical staff sizing mum and dad up…) Now, we are great friends again. Not that we live in each other’s pockets either or communicate all that often, but when we get together, we enjoy each other’s company. 😀

  9. My two boys don’t seem to have a competition going on but my girls do! They constantly snap at each other about anything from voice volumes to clothing styles. We really try to difuse the situation but sometimes one or the other goes running to their rooms crying.
    As a child I absolutely HAAAATED my older brother. He was as mean as a snake to me. But for the most part, all 7 of us get along great now! :):)

  10. jacquie says:

    this is such a great post. my brother kicked a hold in my bedroom door…i was on the other side with my feet up against the wall. it’s funny watching my boys go from sympatico to bitter rivals….more often than not it’s sympatico now that they are under different roofs.

  11. batspit says:

    My mom and her sister were always close in a way me and my sister never can seem to achieve… no one but her can make me so angry so quickly…

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