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At the top of the agenda today is to announce the blogversary giveaway winners!  The book, How To Be An Explorer of The World goes to Leslie of Whimsy.  And the moss terrarium goes to Maya of Maya*Made.  I will do a tutorial for the terrarium next week so that anyone who wants one can make one.  They are super easy.

365 by you.

My pruning from the info crack machine is  causing some blooms to appear.  Since I’m spending less time on-line I’m actually better able to focus and get some things accomplished.   So that part is good, on the other hand it means I’ve not been able to read my favorite blogs or leave as many comments on blogs and flickr……*sigh*   In addition to having the print of wooden bleachers embedded into my butt cheeks (all three boys are playing basketball right now!) I’ve had time to create due to unplugging. 

365 by you.

I’ve been doing a little papercutting……

detail by you.

papercut complete by you.

And cutting out pieces for a mobile….


And cutting up an old Sierra Club calendar for Jesse’s Paper Collaboration


And working on PIF packages to be sent out Feb. 1st!  And then I’m going to jump into Jacquie’s Project Improv.  Maybe combining my Illuminated Phrase with an improvised quilt block.

I’m also sending out a shout out to any LOST fans.  I had convinced myself that I didn’t even care anymore, but oh, oh, oh I’m completely sucked back in by last night’s opener!  Brian occasionally watches with the rest of us, but he becomes so annoying we all yell at him to either be quiet or leave the room.  He makes disparging remarks about the show or asks too many questions right in the middle.  And anyone who watches the show knows that you have to pay attention  – absolutely NO talking, except during commercials!  Certainly the show’s opener pales in comparison to the Presidential Inauguration, but let’s just say between the two it’s been a very fine week to watch tv!

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  1. MichelleB says:

    LOVELY papercut. Just lovely. I think I need to unplug for awhile, too. Not enough getting done.

    I watched Lost the first season, and didn’t go back. I do, however, plan on watching the seasons on DVD, because I know I totally got sucked into it the first season. I’m not sure why I didn’t go back. However, I’m thinking I might wait until closer to the end of the series to start watching it again. Because I always like to know the ending of things and don’t like to wait. LOL

  2. Doncha love Sierra Club calendars? I feel guilty tossing them. Usually I lug them to school and never do anything with them. I’ll have to check out the link you gave to see what exactly you are doing with your’s.

    Lost…I feel as though I need to check it out, but I really am oblivious to when it comes on…or where…. One thing I know is that if it is opposite a show on reptiles, volcanoes, or a show in which there might be a chance shot of a woman’s boobie, my better half will not hand over the remote.

  3. simpledaisy says:

    Hi there…
    Love the papercuts!!!
    Not much of a TV i’ve never seen Lost..sorry!!
    Take care~

  4. Knack says:

    Love the papercuts!! Gorgeous

  5. Patricia says:

    Love your paper cut–I gushed over on Flickr! Your cutting skills continue to impress and amaze me.

  6. Ayama says:

    I love your paper cuts. You make it all look so tempting but I have too many crafty vices at the moment. So the next season of LOST is pretty good?? I started watching last season (wikipedia is pretty good with giving the dirt to help you watch) and S has been an avid watcher since the beginning (so you can always ask after an episode for a very detailed explanation). 😀 Unplugging is good. It means you can get the Chinese New Year spring clean done and you can actually walk into your crafting room and actually find stuff (and not wonder when the seagulls ala the city dump will move in….). 😀

    Ps hope those benches are warm. 😀

  7. mayaluna says:

    I’m SOOO excited!! I can’t wait… I’m already scheming who might jump into the moss for a little adventure… a fairy… a gnome!? Thank you so much for having this fun give-away!

    Your paper-cut is stunning and I’m totally intrigued by your mobile wip. Good things are always worth the wait.

  8. Rachel says:

    Such a pretty paper cut!

  9. molly says:

    love the paper cut. and i definitely got sucked back into lost. so glad it’s back.

  10. jen says:

    i love everything you’ve been working on! taking a break from the info crack machine can really do wonders for creativity. so why am i online on a sunday afternoon?! ok, i’m signing off, right now, to make a chocolate cake to soothe my hormonal cravings. ta!

  11. threesneakybugs says:

    Well, it’s a big bummer that I didn’t win. 😉

    As you know love the cut out. Great little post on the moss terrarium how to. Absolutely no reaching the moss up here in the frozen tundra and I don’t feel like spending money on having some shipped but will file away for spring thaw.

    Are the circles for the mobile swap? I’m tempted to join but you know how I suck at deadlines.

    OK, gotta go call Jen. Maybe I can worm my way into a piece of chocolate cake.

  12. Ellie says:

    Oh, I do hope I get some of your postcards in my journal from Jess. . I sent her some deconstructed vintage sheet music and pages from a funky old Peoria High School cookbook.

  13. Leslie says:

    Oh, I’m so lucky to be the book winner. Thank you again! And I love your paper cut artwork…it’s beautiful. You are very creative 🙂

  14. jacquie says:

    i adore those papercuts…what patience you have! (steady hands too.)

  15. batspit says:

    My buddy forced me to watch the first episodes of ‘Lost’ last week and I got instantly hooked! They got me bad, smooth, bad. I seriously do not have time for another addiction but it’s so dang riviting i forced Eli to watch episodes until he got hooked too. Currently half way through season two and seriously upset that Walt is kidnapped and Shannon just got shot.

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