Fallen off the face of the earth…..

01203742 by you.

At least it feels as though I’ve fallen off the face of the interwebs.  Actually I’ve been substitute teaching.  And sitting behind the teacher’s desk, and in the van, and on the bleachers, and in meetings, and blah, blah, blah.  Here is what three days of substitue teaching look like.  Well, first off this is a craptastic picture, but I had to show off my bright blue tights and the fact that I wore a skirt.  This is a rarity, and it felt good to dress like a girl.  Really good.  This gal has motivated me to shed my daily uniform and branch out a little.  I just need to get some boots!

 blue tights by you.

knowledge by you.




One of my complaints about Nate’s class (5th grade) is that they don’t get recess and only have two days of P.E.   (What the ??  Whatever happened to the common sense idea of fresh air and exercise?)  Since I was in charge those kids got three days of fresh air and exercise, and free motion scooter time.  Did I ride a scooter – heck yeah!!  Not on the skirt day though.

And the beauty of teaching a rotating class of 5th – 8th grade is that they are able to work independently, leaving me with time to take photos, read a book, and work on a papercutting!  

02015230 by you.

05004916 by you.

It seemed obvious to me between the subbing and getting a new camera that my Shutter Sister word of the month should be “learning“.

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  1. MichelleB says:

    I love the blue tights! And the books on the gal you showed. Yes, you definitely need a pair of those boots. And the papercut is fantastic. Wow.

  2. I read something this very week about the necessity of recess. Wish I could remember where I saw it. I think in a nutshell that recess definitely has a positive impact on learning and lack of recess had a negative one. It equated the fact that adults get little breaks at work….trips to the water cooler…. coffee breaks what-have-you….and that kids need them too. I feel badly for kids who get no breaks to have down time.
    Love the blue tights. For some odd reason, I’ve been a pants girl the last couple of years. I go through cycles on the pants/dress thing. jan

  3. blue tights! you are a rock star!

    it’s only been in the last year that i have really added dresses and skirts to my wardrobe. i wear them daily. i’m currently working in a suburb that’s sorta like a small town, and everyone at the company wears jeans. so my 2nd week in, a woman commented on my dress and the fact that she doesn’t ever wear them anymore. and questioned why i wore them in the winter. then another woman told me “it’s ok to wear jeans here”. and it all really made me realize that i feel so much prettier and feminine with my dresses/boots/tights, despite the chillier weather. and it’s sad that it took me so long to realize i can be girly without needing to be frilly or fru-fru-y.

  4. jacquie says:

    thank goodness you added some play and outside time to their day…no recess is NO good. my kids were always better with recess…better focus, better attitudes. can you tell i have an opinion about this?

  5. love the tights…..don’t know why, but i’m an “only wear skirts to church on Sunday” kind of girl…. skirts can be so cute. need to get over that.
    oh my word….i know my sons would probably drive their teachers crazy if they didn’t have recess 🙂

  6. simpledaisy says:

    Isn’t teaching fun!!!
    And recess is definately my favorite part of the day…especially when the weather is nice!!

  7. Nancy says:

    Blue tights!!! It’s every kids dream to have their sub teacher show up looking so cool. I bet they want you to stay forever. So glad you got your camers. I really like the cut out above.

  8. Rachel says:

    No recess? I would go insane!

  9. I agree with painted fish on the “you rock ” comment!! you are such an inspiration to me on so many levels ……

    LOVE your paper cut! xoxo

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