Things that make me proud….

I was sorting and cleaning out my very messy craft space and I came across this riveting bit of Nate’s writing from first grade.  In case you don’t understand it I will translate for you:

By:  Nate 

Squirrel Squirrel

I saw a squirrel on the ground.  It was ran over.  It’s eyes popped out and it was dead.  It was gross.

Proud!  Hey, did you see that punctuation?  Proud indeed.


Sunday when I showed up at church to warm up for bells I noticed this scrap of paper sitting beside my bells.  One of my fellow bell ringers had found this stuck inside a hymnal.  He found it so amusing he carried it around with him for a week.  Wonder how many other people he shared it with?  Obviously Everett is getting a lot out of church, and he’s quite proud of his artwork because he signed it and left it in the hymnal, I’m almost 99% positive, on purpose.  Oh, but there’s more – cast your attention to the back of his drawing.   I’m sure he was inspired by The Captain Underpants books, and the The Day My Butt Went Psycho trilogy.  Yep, one word – Proud!img_0002


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  1. Melinda says:

    well, he should get some credit for remembering the hygeine items & the sewing kit?…
    OMG I laughed & spewed coffe on the dear ole’ computer screen at this! Thanks ever so much for sharing your shame!

  2. Melinda says:

    BTW, only the extremely cool are allowed to spell “coffee” with one “e”…oh, and I’m an idiot!

  3. simplyblogged says:

    Oh my goodness this is so funny. Frame it!

  4. Anna says:

    Oh – side splitting funny!!!

  5. molly says:

    love it! i have a drawing hanging on my bulletin board in the laundry room that avery drew when she was 4 – it’s a girl lying dead in the road, with traffic lines and all. then there’s the words that aidan drew a few months ago on a piece of paper, sans illustration, that reads “butt hot”. where do they get these ideas?

  6. Kim says:

    That is hilarious…you should be proud indeed!

  7. omg, that is dang funny!

  8. ellen kelley says:

    Wipe me up from the floor, please. This is priceless…and beyond whatever is funny, true for boys and …words escape me. You know that I have had the same, although somewhat different moments….never to be forgotten , never to be discarded, never to be dismissed…always to be treasured.

    Remind me one of these days to tell you about Halloween and the bubble gum incident…something not to be shared to the world as I might be shot, cold dead on the spot.

    (and p.s. Amazon owes you some money..I had to order this book)

  9. Melinda says:

    Please also inform Everett that “Buttfighter” is Paul’s new fav superhero! (why yes, I did marry a teenage boy…)

  10. MichelleB says:

    Too funny! I love their imaginations.

  11. kasey says:

    i love your blog.
    now i’m off to see the rest….

  12. Knack says:

    Um…. Totally dying laughing!! What a great story and you my friend are an amazing story teller!! You have made my day with this one!!

    I’ve got a good one for you…. But I’d better email it!! 😉 xoxo

  13. Ayama says:

    😀 ahhhh, at least this marvellous piece of artwork was not pulled out in a partent teacher conference and at church instead. a treasure indeed and one I would love for collection… S wanted to let Everett is a genius and has a great taste in books (ah yes, he has read all the captain underpants and the psycho bum books….) as well. seems like melinda is not the only one married to a teenager…

  14. Lori says:

    I can’t help but wonder if the knowledge that anything they say or do can end up on your blog has any effect on the boys’ behavior. 🙂
    Boys vs. girls–what a difference in the kind of stuff they write and draw! Isn’t it great?!

  15. kristin says:

    love, love, love this!! definately a keeper! 🙂

  16. Ellie says:

    I knew that bathroom humor always played well with both genders in the primary grades, but I have to say this is impressive. Very detailed and creative. Especially the little walking butt with his/her tongue sticking out. I’m not sure I would have known how to draw a walking butt. I think I’m expressing genuine admiration. . . .

  17. Hahahahahahaha……….. I’m loving it. I think I really missed out not having boys to raise. Butt Fighter…in the hymnal.. Too funny. Another thing to save and present to him when his is married and has his own kids.

    Now the writing, first of all, it was too dog goned cute. “Its eyes popt out.” hahahahaha.. Love it. But as a person who has co-taught Writing Workshop in second grade, that story is dog goned readable!!! Awesome!

    You slay me…….


  18. I posted a link to this story…have relayed it verbally several times…and emailed a link to friends and family. It was a good one.

  19. lori says:

    this is great! :^)

  20. jacquie says:

    nate’s writing…ahhh what great memories. and the hymnal drawing…a very productive church activity (being a captain underpants fan, myself) making people smile!

  21. applecyder says:

    butt fighter. that is genius. i cant wait to find scraps like that from my boy. would definitely make me proud.

    hey, is it bad if i steal that camo pouch you made for my boy and keep it in my purse? i love it so much.


  22. Julie Moses says:

    That is too funny. I am a church doodler too, but mine aren’t quite so “colorful”.

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