gumball trio by you.

uncle. Uncle. UNCLE! UNCLE!!!  I’ve said UNCLE dammit.  Now get off of me already!  February you are kicking my butt this month with your chicken-with-its-head-cut-off schedule.  I’ve had enough of your wedgies, noogies, indian rope burns, and tickling til it hurts.  UNCLE!!  Ha, but you have not kept my mail from showing up.  February you jerk!


The Phenomenal papercutting (with a capital P.) that I commissioned from Jenny Lee Fowler for my nieces 3rd birthday.  I emailed her pictures of the girls holding bouquets of spring flowers, and by collaborating with my ideas she came up with this.  Her papercuts really make special gifts, and I hope my brother and sister-in-law love it as much as I do!  To see lot’s of examples of her work go to her flickr, etsy shop, or blog


I received my collaborative journal from Sweet Jessie.   Contained within are pages from all different sources, everything from vintage children’s books to maintenance manuals.  It also has lots of blank spaces for writing and drawing.  If you would like to make something similar check out the photo journal tutorial from Five and a Half.19225647

 The reason Valentine’s Day is my absolute favorite holiday is because it’s all about LOVE, and because of handmade tokens of LOVE!  Lea (Batspit) sent me this sweet heart mobile, and I adore it!


I was completely surprised to recieve this thoughtful handmade valentine from my niece Caroline.  Inside she had tucked her school picture – love it!    Anyway, thank you mailbox, and those who have filled it!  You’ve given me the ability to stand up to that school yard bully – February!

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  1. melinda says:

    …hummnnnh, so February kicked your butt, lets see, was Buttfighter involved in any way perhaps?
    Though really, with that kind of mail, is whining really appropriate?
    JK Smooth, you deserve it all and more…and March is on its way?…

  2. That is a beautiful scherenschnitte. What a great idea for a birthday present.

    You know, I don’t know what it is but I am so attracted to things with a running stitch. That felt piece with the hearts I just adore. I think you have done a lot of felt circle pieces with a running stitch, and I always have liked them. I guess they feel homey to me.

    I still like that journal. Something about a variety of papers, especially vintage paper, I like as well.

    I want to be crafting right now, but I have too much on my plate.

    Oh, my sister and one of my colleagues told me how much they enjoyed the last post. That should go in the blogging hall of fame or something. jan

  3. ellen kelley says:

    Really wonderful papercut…and what a fantastic present.
    Love the hearts too.
    I haven’t thought about screaming “Uncle” in eons. Boy did this bring back memories.
    Hope that Mad March brings more time your way.
    By the way, the book did arrive and it is now in the hands of my grandsons. I think that rogue butts will be just up their alley. (oooh, maybe I should have used another phrase than “up their alley”.)

  4. Nancy says:

    Caroline was very thrilled in a humbled way to see her hearts make the “big time.” She made that for a Brownie project–to earn a sewing badge. She busy crafting a bunkbed out of boxes and sticks for her stuffed animals. Feb’s almost over 🙂 !!

  5. Rachel says:

    The journal looks very cool!

  6. yeah, february can go suck it. but march always seems to be sooooooo long. here’s hoping you find more time, and wow, more great stuff via the postman!

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