I’d like to get off this ride now…..I think I might throw up

yellow, glorious yellow! by you.

Forgive me friends for popping in and out and running around like a loon, and not visiting you as frequently as I so want to, it’s just that I have to – do laundy cleanup the kitchen pick up kids take them to haircuts baseball practice go to parent teacher conferences sew on a button feed the cats clean out the litter box work on developing a web site for church need to go the post office drop the van off at the body shop take out the trash exercise buy groceries fix dinner spring clean or set fire to the house plant weed dust vacuum iron prepare for a meeting on thursday make the bed finish some unfinished projects pay fines at library and movie store mail back the netflix movies take out the trash take my medicine (especially that anti-depressant) remember to buy chapstick and toilet paper and coffee (especially coffee) remind the boys to unload dishwasher brush their teeth wear their retainers use deoderant pick up after themselves hug husband make lunch check my march madness roster (i used only the team names and their ranks to make my choices, and i’m ahead so far *snicker*) take time to gloat send thank yous sort through winter clothes sell raffle tickets to help pay for baseball uniforms get flea medicine ……………..        

Updated edit:  How charming that I masked this whine fest with a beautiful spring photo taken by Nate, but if you’ve stuck with me so far here are some reality checks in the same spirit as Blue Yonder‘s real life

My laundry room


dsc_0015_03 Our front yard

dsc_0024_035 dsc_0027 My dining room table – it has been like this for days now while I work on those unfinished projects.



  But I promise when I get a minute or two or three I’ll be checking in on you!

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  1. MichelleB says:

    I totally get it.

  2. Thank you – you just reminded me that I need to feed the dogs…

    Hmm, I like the set fire to the house idea.

  3. eeeeeeeks. take a breath. have a glass of wine. don’t worry about us! (don’t burn down the house)

    just wanted to let you know that i finished “i am the messenger” last night. loved it.

  4. Ayama says:

    as i say to the frustration prone us at the moment, deep breath in deep breath out, do we feel calm?? no? let’s do it again…. still not working?? 😉 it’s too early for a g&t?? ;P coffee?? 😀 love the reality shots and nate has a great eye.

  5. gonzomama says:

    yes. i am in that place right now too.

  6. Patricia says:

    For a moment there I thought your dining room table was the roof of your car and you were serving marshmallows for dinner. That would be a big hit here.

    I hear you, Jackie. First on MY list will be writing a LONG letter to the best blog friend ever. xoxoxox

  7. Jennyff says:

    Great post. I am supposed to be getting ready for house guests arriving tomorrow for the weekend, what am I doing, visiting blogs and thoroughly enjoying yours. Thanks.

  8. Leslie says:

    This is too funny! Thank goodness for those spring flowers and other distractions that make us happy and help us all escape from the nitty-gritty.

  9. I saw some snipping going on in there!!! Yea!!!

    I’m enjoying my first week of my three week break. It’s Thursday and I have yet to get down to Snippyville. = (

    Oh, and I just ordered a bunch of supplies for Pysanky. Exciting, yes, but do I really need another craft to feel guilty for quitting way too soon???

    Enough kavetching. I don’t have all that boy-laundry to do. EW!!!

    Take care……….jan

  10. girl, I totally love you and hope we can meet someday!!

    I had a week like this and you just made me smile!!:)

  11. jacquie says:

    love nate’s photo…laundry…hmmm. i might have some of that around here.

  12. Anna says:

    Now that is a set of pics that a mom can relate to! (Although, the top photo is indeed lovely. Is it forsythia?)

  13. You truly have a way of making me feel oh so much better about my life being in basically the same state as yours.
    Thank you, endlessly~

  14. childsplay says:

    you don’t know it yet, but you are my new BFF. 🙂 You had me with the laundry picture, but sealed the deal with the dining room table, roflol!

    (childplay from flickr)

  15. you gave me a much-needed ‘decompression’ laugh at this post!
    life is raw like this, isn’t it?
    live it. love it. and laugh!
    take care!

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