Monday Suckage on the Decline

Thanks to a little flickr group called Bench Monday!

Bench Monday by you.

Bench Monday by you.

Bench Monday by you.

Bench Monday by you.

The last Bench Monday photo is from yesterday.  A day was arranged with one of my best friends in the whole wide world so that we could spend time together.  We each drove halfway (about 2 hours apiece) and met in the middle.  I actually took my blue bench with me so we could take a photo for Bench Monday.  We ended up on the steps of City Hall in the small town we met up in.  Public benching, probably a law against it.  What can I say, we are rebels at heart.  This is the part my men peeps can’t understand……we talked non-stop.  Non. Stop. For Six And A Half  Hours!  It’s just the way girls roll!

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  1. MichelleB says:

    Love, love the pictures. I really wanted to enlarge that book one, though, to see what all the books are.

  2. Adorable group, I think. Love the blue bench and all the pictures. (non-stop talking is what almost all girls do best)

  3. how fun!
    i am in love with your blue bench.

  4. apple cyder says:

    i did look deeper into that photo with the books and found one of my all time favorites–bel canto. such an excellent story.

    loved your last post too. nothing like watching a teenager do some ironing.

    i would love to try to do bench monday esp because the college where i work is littered with great benches. i just never remember to lug the camera to work.

    xo, m

  5. Melinda says:

    “…I actually took my bench with me…”
    See, that makes perfect sense to me. That, and the talking.
    Good times!

  6. gonzomama says:

    i love the title of this post!
    and the that you are using the same fantastic bench!
    i totally get it : )

  7. Nothing better than getting together with someone who clicks perfectly with you. Great photos! I love the blue bench too. And as the first commenter said, I wanted to enlarge the book photo to read the titles as well. jan

  8. Shawn Bay says:

    Loved being part of your Bench Monday! Proud to have stood with you on the blue bench! Even more delighted to have my feet appear publically on your blog! What a privilege! However, you must come clean with this group. 6.5 hours non-stop talking is normally WARM UP for us! We have been known to go for days. This particular chapter of life just doesn’t allow us that kind of time. Oh, the world issues we resolve during our marathon chats! 🙂 Love you dearly! One of your best friends in the whole wide world, Shawn

  9. Leslie says:

    I love your blue bench and I also love that you’re using the same bench in all your shots. How fun that you took it to City Hall! I’d love to stand with you on that bench some day 🙂

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