hyperbolic plane

lichen by you.

lichen by you.


When I posted these lichen photos to my flickr, Anna of Three Sneaky Bugs said she saw a knit flower.  Her comment reminded me of a pattern I have for for an hyperbolic plane.    To give you an idea of what the results will look like here is a flickr group with hyperbolic crochet.  Here are some links to patterns  for hyperbolic crochet.   The Sydney Reef has free patterns.   This is definitely a bunny trail, because you will find a whole interactive community.   And Child”s Play just shared with me a link to the Ted talk about the Sydney Reef project. You will also find links to the Institute for Figuring.  Why the Institute for Figuring?  Because Dr. Daina Taimina, a Cornell mathematics researcher, first figured out how to represent the hyperbolic plane in crochet form.  Nature, geometry, and art all in one place – pretty heady stuff.  You can also find a free pattern at Lion Brand yarn, but you do need to sign into their site to access it.   I’ll tell you right now I’m on the search for some lichen colored yarn to create my own nature inspired hyperbolic plane.   If you still have any doubts about the possibilities – take a look at some more nature inspired and organic crochet.

organic crochet inspiration by you.

1. new red spores brooch, 2. freeform, 3. Coral brooch, 4. close proximity, 5. Limited palette WIP, 6. Squiggly Curly Lariat, 7. yellow double spiral, 8. VII/ XVI, 9. Event Horizon, 10. Loose Ends, 11. Apricot Hyperbolic WIP – 6 – “The Dark Side”, 12. Freeform Crochet Scumbles

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  1. Leslie says:

    Wow, isn’t it amazing how one idea or image can spark another, then another, and another…? I love all of these projects, and can’t wait to see yours!

  2. Oh my goodness are those ever gorgeous! I love when art imitates nature. It has this fantasy type feeling to it that makes you feel like it is part of a lovely daydream. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  3. Wow, those are amazing. Ha – I was just feeling pleased with myself for managing a granny square, then you go and show me all of that intricate work…

  4. threesneakybugs says:

    Nifty! Now those shots remind me of the ocean. I think I’m going to have to ponder this thought line for a bit.

  5. Patricia says:

    I love your montage!

  6. Ayama says:

    Thank you for giving me a crochet goal. I am with UK Lass, on the granny square being a major accomplishment. But good to have a creative goal. 😀

    Ps we are doing extremely well here. Nothing like a puppy (albeit a 9 year old) to distract… Said puppy has sent me to coventary. She might like cuddles, pats and scratches but a 2 year old’s over enthusiasm is OTT for her. 😉

  7. Rachel says:

    All these pieces are AMAZING! Thanks for including one of mine!

  8. ellen kelley says:

    Such beauty in nature and beauty created by hands. I can do a granny square, but doubt that I would get much farther…
    I know what a hyperbole is, but can barely count past 10; hyperbolic planes and never the twain shall meet with me I am afraid.
    Thanks for showing these to me and opening up such a world of handmade wonder.

  9. childsplay says:

    bunny trail, indeed! 2 days ago, I’d never heard or thought about hyperbolic planes. Now, I’m going to learn how to crochet so I can make my own coral reef, apparently. 🙂 I even dreamt about this last night.

    Thanks for blowing my mind with this! It’s always fun to find something unexpected to get lost in.

  10. G’day Jackie
    Strange you should of only just heard about Hyperbolic plane/crochet I only heard about it a couple of weeks ago which then lead to freeform crochet… man I’m hooked wrapped inspired can’t get enough of it…
    I loved your photo mosaic – did you go find all those photos? well I have only looked at the first one… that has taken me a couple of hours… she has so many interesting creations… I’ve seen a couple of the others photos already but this looking is addictive at the crochet… now if only I could crochet while looking at blogs now that would make it all worthwhile… OOroo… Bethel

  11. ELINtm says:

    Lovely inspiring selection of crochet. Thank you for including my coral brooch. Your pics of lichen are superb! I have just started crocheting lichens and moulds as well as coral. Here’s a pic if you’re interested.


    Best wishes, Elin

  12. sealaura says:

    I thought those pictures were amazing ( my fave colors blue and green) and then I saw those crotchet goodies, ooh la la!

    I wish I had the patience to make myself one! Found you through Simple Daisy, congrats on the award.

  13. amyks says:

    Those are so cool, hard to believe they are crocheted. Something that I so can not do, bummer!

  14. frygga says:

    I love this beautiful work and your fine photography. I have been scrambling for images of the crocheted coral reef to use in a themed visual image presentation I am doing for an art history class, and I love this work so much I am stealing your image to use in the slide show. Thank you, smooth pebble.

  15. Jane Smith says:

    i just stumbled on your very nice photos.
    more hyperbolic nature photos are in Taimina’s book – have you seen it?

  16. louise says:

    Thanks for including my work. (Event Horizon). im into science crochet , and am glad to find others who can see the links.

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