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Friday I got together with my BFF Melinda.  It’s always a treat when we get together, especially if we hang out at her house.  Because her house is a veritable museum of eye candy and inspiration.  (I’ve already told her that in the very near future she is going to be my guest blogger and we are going to tour her home!)  If it weren’t so junior high I would start a house from scratch and replicate hers starting with the white walls and white fireplace and ending with the Art she has in every nook and cranny.  Anyway, we got together to crochet.  I’m no crochet expert, but I gave her a few bits of advice on crocheting in the round.  Together we processed the difference between making it flat vs. tubular or bowl like. 



I worked on my hyperbolic plane, while drinking coffee from the cool squirrel mug and sitting at the cool blue table.  What do you do with a finished hyperbolic plane?  I’m thinking of displaying it in a jar like a specimen.

In addition to our shared love of Craft  (yea, that’s Craft with a capital C – it indicates a serious approach to Craft)  Melinda and I also share perfectionist tendencies.  Perhaps you know what I’m talking about.  That need to have something turn out perfectly even though it may be your first attempt or you are just learning a new skill.  We decided to suspend that trait for the afternoon and embrace the imperfect.  To just enjoy the conversation and the process.  Honestly I think her experiment turned out to be imperfectly perfect!


We came up with a name for our inner tormenting voice ~ the one that tells us things have to be perfect.  That tells us we’re idiots when we screw up or just that we are idiots in general.  Her name is Internal Gal.  She sounds like a superhero, but she’s not.  I can’t decide if she looks more like a shrieking witch or if her hair is in a tight bun, her mouth pinched sourly, and her sensibly shod toes are tapping impatiently.  We could have her exorcised, but we are kind of fond of her.  After all she has been with us for decades.  But we wouldn’t mind if she kept her mouth shut more often……..Internal Gal.  IG,  Iggy for short.  Sign up now for the charter membership of our support group FIGS (Fellow Internal Gal Survivors)!

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  1. ibbyskibby says:

    IG doesn’t plague me too much, but she is VERY involved whenever I learn a skill. She’s highly optimistic when watching the teacher demonstrate. She’s my biggest fan when cheering me on to something new. She makes me feel invincible when the fiber and hardware hit my hands.

    IG immediately turns on me the instant I make my first mistake, crowing about how this new craft is NOT the hobby for me. Nope, not gonna keep trying if it isn’t easy the first time. She admonishes me to stick with what I’m really good at, like vanilla knitting, single crochet, and patchwork quilts with straight seams.

    But when we see something new, my IG’s favorite line is “How hard can it be?”. She’s a optimist, that one.

  2. I feel a lot of distress over that perfectionistic thing as well. I posted the other day about getting a close up look at the work by a master pysanky artist. Their work had lines that didn’t quite meet up….bumpy lines….and imperfections in general. Doofy as it sounds, I was surprised that their work wasn’t perfect, but actually showed the hand of the artist. Same thing with the paper cuttings. I saw a giant papercut at MoMA in NYC. They had the same little fuzzy edges I get in corners, and that I obsess about. What a relief to see that done by a master!!!

    I vote that you crochet the hyperbolic things and go place them in parks where you would expect to see things growing. Or do a photographic series of your pieces pretending to be real natural things…like on a log…

  3. Nancy says:

    I love your crochet! I need a week of “camp” to learn alot from you, especially alot of your…cooking, crossstitch and cooking. I laughed when I read about Iggy, partly because it brought back memories of my college days which is shocking considering it was the late 70’s (My mom was a disco queen–title of future book by Caroline) and we read Born to Win by Muriel James. This book is a MUST read for all in the Iggy club. It goes over all the ego states and how they are shaped, how to recognize them and what to do. It came from the type of psychotherapy popular back then. These days, the popular therapy involves cognitive restructuring (reshaping your thoughts, etc.). We used that in stress classes at my old job. I’m the pro, baby!

  4. melinda says:

    “…it indicates a serious approach to Craft…”

    cue creepy laugh, courtesy of…
    Iggy: bwhahahahahahahahhahahahahah!
    (she mocks, oh how she mocks,,,)

    yes, obviously I didn’t miss my calling as a playwright.
    hey, thanks for this and thanks for being the rocking Smooth we all know and love!

  5. sign me up! i’m trying to quiet that girl down. life’s too short to have her nagging at me…

    loving your hyperbolic plane, and love hearing about you and m’s day, makes me more excited for lawrence!

  6. I’m not sure I can join FIGS – are you considered a survivor if your IGGY insists on making you notice the mistakes even years down the road? I’ll find myself actively searching for the stitch out of place even if I believe that no one else would ever notice it, as if I take some sick enjoyment in reminding myself that I messed up…

  7. MichelleB says:

    Sign me up, too! That darn girl is always pestering me.

  8. ellen kelley says:

    At my age, I should be a charter member of the club. I’ve always been my worst critic..damn. My inner critical parent has never had a name, but now I am considering calling her SmEllen, because like a dead fish, she stinks.

    Love both of your creations.

    I attempted some new crocheting moves today with some new yarn. It now sits hidden in the basket in my bedroom…out of sight, out of mind..not really, because SmEllen is mocking me as I type.

  9. simpledaisy says:

    Love the crochet….wish I could do that!!
    I am a total perfectionist!! I think that’s why I always have so much anxiety and chew my cuticles raw!! haha!!
    Take care…
    Oh and I gave you a little award on my blog!!

  10. Patricia says:

    I love your pieces, both of them! Oh how I wish I could have been with the two of you when my IG was in full force the other night–I pulled all of the stitching out of a strange coral-like shape that emerged from the crochet hook. So sad!! I liked it but then I hated the dropped stitches. I think maybe we all could use an internal anti-IG ray gun that blasts away only perfectionist or non-constructive thoughts.

    Love you for expressing this feeling so perfectly!

  11. Claudia says:

    a squirrel mug??? such an inspiration 😉

  12. Yes, knew I’d been here before… your blog post before afforded me a whole day of ‘surfing’ the web at the Hyperbolic crochet… I think you girls are doing really well with your crochet… you have either the starting of a reef of maybe put it on a piece of wood as fungus… like the trees in the blog post before… thanks for popping over to my place too… do come again please…
    Now as for ‘Iggy’ … I think you should get the kids to put some stitches in her mouth – now that is sure to shut her up, especially feet & all [if you know how my sick mind is thinking…]… of course if this is a bit ‘off’, maybe you should turn the music up much louder so you can drown her out… voice that is… ha ha take care & keep up the Happy Hooking… B

  13. molly says:

    darn that iggy, always making us feel bad about ourselves. though sometimes she does inspire us to press on and do our best job, even if we end up hating her for it. it’s nice to shut her up every once in a while.

    FIGS reminds me of my other favorite acronym, discovered via the fly lady: SHE (sidetracked household executive). i’ve been such a SHE lately!

    can’t wait to see your friends house!

  14. threesneakybugs says:

    Sign me up! Sign me up! Is there a secret handshake? I have to start practicing now.

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