*I need to come up with a general all-purpose warning label.  Since I frequently write about things that need to come with warnings.  So, just be aware that the following may be unsuitable for those who are afraid of doctors, those affiliated with PETA, those who love pigs, and anyone with a delicate stomach or frequent fainting spells.

Last Friday they had career day at the Jr. High.  They asked various people to come in and give a talk or demonstration about their chosen vocation.  The students signed up to hear about different professions they might be interested in.  So, the school counselor called Brian (Mr. Smoothpebble) to come in and talk about being a physician.  Last year when he did this he took all the necessary supplies to put a cast on someone’s arm.  This year he thought it would be interesting to arrive with several pigs’ feet and all the supplies necessary to put in stitches.  The students that participated were each given a split pig’s foot, needle and thread, and instructions on how to repair the split with stitches.  So, that evening when I opened up the refrigerator there were the pigs’ feet, because Brian thought our children would enjoy doing this little activity as well.   I even put in a couple of stitches myself.  (warning *** here come the pictures!)  Please note also that we did not harm any pigs ourselves.  The pigs’ feet were purchased at the grocery store.






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  1. wow…i’m sure that was super interesting for the kids…..
    don’t know how i would have done, but it looks great in the pictures 🙂

  2. melinda says:

    great technique, all around!
    But thanks, now my crew is feeling deprived…

  3. Nancy says:

    When I was a little kid, we used to call the local grocer and ask if he had pigs feet. When he said yes, we’d say something completely off the wall –“bet ya don’t need shoes.” Just think, I could have called you the other day and said, “Jackie, do you have pigs feet?” Oh, boy, it would’ve been funny!

  4. Kim says:

    Looks far too much like human appendages. eek!

  5. i’m one of those squeamish people, thanks for the warning jackie! i just skipped the rest of the post. i’m sure it was awesome and all, but i just couldn’t bear to read more about piggies. and something about feet? oh dear…

  6. What a hoot… looks like you guys know how to have fun… ha ha
    I’ve not actually put stitches in anything but man I’ve taken them outta lots of things both human & beast…

  7. Diane says:

    EXCELLENT!!! Your boys iron, they sew… Ha! Once, years ago, my boyfriend cut his palm open on a milk jar and since he had no health insurance he said it was really up to me to sew it up. So I did. But then I had to go lay down for a little while. Thanks for the memory… 🙂

  8. ibbyskibby says:

    This must have been the hit at the school! I work for a small charter junior high/high school and we just held Career Day…we had nothing so cool!!

    I am willing to wager your husband single-handedly inspired kids toward the medical field!

    Sara in Salt Lake

  9. My boys would think your husband was the greatest but my daughters maybe not so much…heheh…they look so into it in those photos…I love it! The older boy in the yellow shirt looks so much like our oldest son, Brodie. Is he the one who got to be hausfrau for a day?
    (for some reason your blog wasn’t showing updates on my site so I didn’t see this until today)

  10. ellen kelley says:

    How fantastic…porcine perfection! I wish that I had been right there in that kitchen with the boys.
    I once had to stitch up one of our sheep when she prolapsed. I can’t say that I enjoyed it, but it was necessary.
    This also reminds me of the time years ago when the FFA teacher was here to demonstrate how to castrate our wee little pigs. He went through everyone in the family…each man turned white and became overcome with the “vapors”. It was then decided: “Go get Mom, right now!”

  11. Ayama says:

    What a fine display of your manlings’ needlework. I feel safe going off to bed tonight knowing that they could stich me up if the need ever arose.

  12. Much cooler than any career day I ever went to. We were just given handouts mainly on what degrees you’d need for different professions – oh, and I was told that I was too short to be a pilot.

    Pig’s feet would be ok. I’m glad that they just glued my son’s head back together, though – I don’t think I’d want to watch stitches done on a living specimen. Plus it took 5 of us to pin him down anyway.

  13. katri says:

    I love the expressions on the boys’ faces – such concentration!

  14. Claudia says:

    oh, totally cool!

    I used to be pretty good at gross science stuff at school…so much fun (cow eye, frog, rat…)

    However, my favorite gross thing ever is when I found a “kinda fresh” dead deer under a tree at my mom’s house (I was 15). I “played” vet with it during an entire weekend. My mom was SUPER upset but she made sure that I was always using the same part of the stick to poke its body (and internal organs)!!!

    Yeah, you are probably freaked out now 😉

  15. simpledaisy says:

    OK… that is so wrong…but so interesting!! What a great hands on …. realistic lesson for the kids!!!

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