Dill flower by you.

This post would contain a bazillion exclamation points, if I didn’t have exlamation point overuse phobias.  I’m heading to Lawrence, Kansas in two hours!  Jen is taking her pARTy on the road to my neck of the woods.  Melinda  and I are driving up and meeting her for crafting, food and wine, picture taking, and who knows what other trouble we can get into.  We will also be meeting Aimee and some other like minded people on Saturday to make lip balms and soaps.  First I will be dropping off 5 teenage boys at the KU campus for basketball camp, and then a weekend of girlfriends.  I am so ready, I’ve literally had kids hanging off of me as if I were their own personal playground equipment.  And having to step over them as I prepare meals because they insist on laying on the kitchen floor while peppering me with questions as I’m trying to cook.   You all know I love ’em, but sheesh I need some SPACE! 

I’ll be taking lots of pictures and jotting notes to share next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I just broke out in a sweat over that punctuation.)

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  1. molly says:

    having some serious pARTy envy right now. i expect a full blown flickr set documenting the experience….

  2. MichelleB says:

    My goodness, that sounds so fabulous! Have a wonderful time. And I know that I overuse exclamation points! *sigh* I try not to, but it just happens! lol

  3. Martha says:

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am with you girls in spirit!
    Have a ton of fun, and I will be so looking forward to the photos! OXOXOX

  4. where are you guys?!!!! i’m waiting so so patiently!!!

  5. ellen kelley says:

    Oh, what fun. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing all about it. I know that you will have a great weekend.

    Regarding the exclamation may borrow my keyboard any time you wish…my exclamation doohicky is not working AGAIN. Everyone knows that when you write damn, you need one, and I am damned good at damn.

  6. I am in serious envy here. What on earth could be better than a weekend with girlfriends? Nothing, I tell you. I hope y’all are having a blast. Sure wish I was there too.


  7. aimee says:

    see you in a few!! can’t wait! 🙂

  8. molly says:

    i was thinking the other day about mark twain’s quote, “An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.”

    have fun!!!!

  9. Ayama says:

    my mantra this weekend is jealousy is a curse. but at the same time fab there is an in the real world meet (finally). can’t wait to hear about it. so when are you heading my way??

  10. simpledaisy says:

    Wow…that sounds like a super fabulous weekend!!! Crafting…wine…food….girls!! I love it. Have a great time….

  11. I can’t wait to hear how the weekend went! I’m sure you all had a fabulous time. (it took all I had not to add an exclaimation point to that last sentance)

  12. jacquie says:

    eeeek…lawrence is just 20 minutes from my new place. have a ball!! i know you’ll be visiting sarah’s fabrics….ooooh it’s so great.

  13. Sounds like fun! I want a girl get away! (and I would definitely use a lot of exclamation points!!) Hope you have fun! xo

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