Journal Making

I wish that I could show you photos of the delightful people that were a part of this weekend.  It seems everyone has a bit of shyness when it comes to showing themselves publicly.  This blogging crowd likes to stay behind the scenes so to speak.  So, you get to see the things we worked on and made instead.  When I arrived Friday afternoon Jen showed up bearing some amazing gifts for us.

Gift bag from Super Jen by you.

I made those chocolates disappear in short order.  And the paper fish – SCORE!! She also gave us a bottle of cheap summer wine which I’m saving for the perfect summer evening.  The wine in the picture was a total splurge in the $20.00 range that I bought earlier.  Here’s the thing, just because it’s more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it will be better that the $10.00 stuff.  Lesson learned.  I’m willing to bet that Jen’s cheap summer wine will be better.

Anyway, in between wining and dining and window shopping we made coptic bound journals.  We first chose our paper, and Jen had an entire folio full of awesome papers.

choosing paper by you.

Then we glued the paper to our book boards.  Jen carefully guided us and helped us make neat and tidy corners.  I can still picture the gestures of her hands as she showed us how to fold the paper and use the bone folder to smoothly apply the paper to the boards.

Gluing paper to our book boards by you.

Our book boards were placed under our mattresses overnight so that they could dry without any warping.  If we had had a stack of heavy books we could have used those instead.  The next morning we pulled them out and they were crisp and smooth.  The next step in the process was choosing coordinating thread from Jen’s stash.  We also folded blank pages to create the internal signatures for the journals.  Apparently I had chosen one of the more difficult book binding processes.  The reason I chose it though is because I love the way these journals will lie flat when open.  And the stitching looks like braid work on the bound edge.  In the whole process we learned new vocabulary and used new tools – a hole punching awl, a punching cradle, bookbinding needles, waxed thread.  It makes me giddy thinking about it, and potentially I now have the knowledge I need to make more of these for myself and others.  Thank you, thank you Jen!!

bookbinding thread by you.

Here is the inside cover of mine and the finished journals that Melinda, Jen and I made!

Inside cover by you.

Finished coptic journals by you.

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  1. you and melinda were perfect students! love all the photos — my inside pics are pretty icky. not enough light, tiny aperature. glad you took these!

    i hope you like the $6 wine, drink it well chilled.

    i’m so sad the days are passing and life takes over and i start to forget the little details from our weekend. it’s good to have lots of photos to remind me!

  2. Melinda says:

    pretty pretty pics!
    it was a really cool time wasn’t it…*sigh*

  3. Ayama says:

    😀 What an awesome weekend. Thank you for sharing. 😀

  4. I want to make a journal. My biggest problem is that I have lots of journals around but don’t fill them with anything.

  5. Leslie says:

    I took a bookbinding class many years ago at Paper Source and loved it! Unfortunately, I’m sure I’ve forgotten everything I learned. These are so beautiful–I love the papers are all those wonderful linen threads.

  6. Love it all. It sounds like so much fun! I especially love the journals and I so want the yummy chocolate caramels! (was trying to reach my hand into the computer screen to have one but to no avail…ergh.) 😉

  7. threesneakybugs says:

    Yeah! Yours looks supper great! Wonderful paper choices on them all. I love book binding with Jen, she’s a fabulous teacher. And those caramels…. those are too die for. Mmmm… Now I want one.

  8. ellen kelley says:

    Can you tell that I am green right now.? Green with envy for sure.
    How wonderful…I am so happy for you all to experience all of this…I am sad for myself that I have no connections like yours.
    Super beautiful, all that you have created!

  9. Patricia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing pix from your Artsy weekend! I am swooooning over that stack of papers. I’m going to have to find that discarded bookmaking project of mine and finish it.

  10. molly says:

    i must know more about that binding! i’m sitting on a huge stack of wallpaper sample books that would make WONDERFUL journals. i’m so excited about the possibilities!

  11. Rachel says:

    Oh wow, these journals are beautiful!

  12. applecyder says:

    i love this project and i love that jen walked you through it. i am done being jealous. am just happy for you guys – what an amazing weekend.

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