Flaming Pits of H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

We temporarily interrupt the last installment of the Lawrence trip to issue a heat advisory!   Heat indexes in the 100’s!  And I just got a call from my blueberry farmer friend who said the picking season will end next week, rather than around 4-5 weeks from now because of the heat wave.  If I don’t get blueberries I’m going to throw a major (and I mean it!) major hissy fit!  So what do you do when it feels like the flaming pits of h-e-double hockey sticks?  Well, if you are an idiot like me you will run 4.5 miles.



Then because your brain has been boiled in its skull you will let your son talk you into letting him slide down the laundry shoot into the basement.






 And again because your brain has been boiled in its skull you will publicly post pictures of the most hideous space in your entire house.  I bet you are impressed with our “vintage” fuse boxes!  However, if you are smarter than I, you might skip all the above idiocy and pull out the sun print paper and make sun prints with your peeps.

Use the sun to make art by you.

Sunprints by you.

I picked up this paper at an educational supply store, but you can also find it here or herePhotojojo also has a really cool tutorial about turning your photos into shrinky dink jewelry and magnets.  Just something else to do if your town’s pool is broken.

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  1. Sara says:

    The pictures of the laundry chute are hilarious. I wonder how long he stayed in there, that you could run all the way downstairs and photograph his legs peeking out! My big brothers used to do this when we lived with my grandmother 28 years ago. I don’t think my mom knew or approved of it.

    When I was 9, I sliced open my big toe on a huge, decorative machete my brother had left lying on his bed when I ran into his room to answer the phone. I wasn’t supposed to be in there when he wasn’t home, so I told everyone I had stepped on a lego. A LEGO, of all things. Nine-year-olds come up with the lamest excuses. Tangential comment…I know. Kids are funny.

  2. Leslie says:

    Oh, you are too funny! Our heat wave calmed down a bit on Sunday and I’m hoping we stay a LITTLE cooler. And speaking of cool, you are a cool mom to let your guy slide down that chute…he’ll always remember that! I hope to go blueberry picking tomorrow morning–what to join me?

  3. That sun print paper looks so cool. Hmm, maybe not the right word to use right now. I keep hearing scattered reports of hot weather, but it’s been pretty mild around here. Even England is having a bit of a warm spell. Still, I’ve got the whole Californian summer for the temperatures to return to levels worth complaining about again. I really should have found a husband that wanted to live in Alaska.

  4. 1) you are a rockstar for running in that heat. if it’s 70 degrees, that’s way to warm for me and i sleep in.

    2) thank you so much for the visuals to accompany the stuck-in-the-chute story!

    3) really loving the prints. i love the dark, dark blue. thinking i need to give it a try!

  5. MichelleB says:

    Wow! 4.5 miles! I’m so impressed.

    Laundry shoot fun!

  6. Karen Mowrey says:

    I could not run 4.5 miles even if there was a sale somewhere. What a hoot with the laundry shoot. Your worse is my best…double dog dare me to show you the dungeon someday with it’s crawl space to “h-e-double hockey sticks”

    Anyway you have me so excited about the sunpaper. Have not played with that since I was a kid! I am going to have to get some!

  7. Marty Corcoran says:

    Hey there cutie pie! Are you guys going to come to Tim and Cecile’s house for th 4th of July? I would love to chat with you in person and hear more about your Lawrence adventures.

  8. Ooooh, sliding down a laundry shoot is something I have always dreamed of doing. It seems so exotic…a secret magical place, the laundry shoot. In my mind’s eye I picture a Willy Wonka-esque space. Somehow, I think that the actual trip down the shoot would not live up to my high expectations.

    I have had a pack of the photo sensitive paper down in Snippyville for a year now. When I came across it recently, I decided that I will pull it out when the granddaughter comes to visit in August. Your prints are lovely.


  9. Ayama says:

    (insert small tin lid type blowing noises here)

    … did it work?? did I send some of Brisvegas’ lame winter cold your way?? we are in the mid to low 60s here (did I mention it is winter??)…

    seems your son has the same sense of adventure that we (ie the younger brother) and i had during holidays with the relatives. nothing like a ride in the laundry chute and breaking your cousin’s washing machine… we played dumb because no one could prove nothing and the devil duo (as we were dubbed) did the whole smile and wave routine during the resulting spanish inquisition (besides cousin’s sons were just as wild, so could they really pin a broken agitator on us??). no doubt happy was secretely cheering us on while doing the not happy kids routine in public… but to have parental approval, one wonders if we could have been donkeyed to enjoy the wonders of the chute.

    what do you have to do to get your local officials to fix the pool?? oh well i am guessing your enterprising lads have been running through the sprinkler, having water fights and hanging out at that charming stream you shared glimpses of in autumn (:P could not be donkeyed to give an appropriate translation).

  10. kristin says:

    wow you and i are on polar opposites of weather crazyville USA. i, looking out a gray almost dark window at 10:45 am rain pouring down for the what 22 day in a row it seems. i feel moldy. mildewy. rotted. nasty. it is cold. i am wearing jeans and a sweater. i live 1 mile from a beach i cannot use cause again it is raining and cold. 50 degrees cold. that is NOT summer! (stomping feet) no! al gore come on up here with some of your global warming please. frick! and none too soon snow will fall on my grass and i will mourn the summer that never came or came so late it was gone in a blink of an eye. so i get your melting brain i do. but i would trade for a day i surely would…

  11. Rachel says:

    I remember making sun prints in girl scouts! Fun : )

  12. Diane says:

    That. Was. Hilarious. WOW. Can I come over and slide down the laundry shoot?!

    oh. Come to think of it, my hips might not be as slim as your boy… and I might get stuck… and then you’d write a blog post and the picture would be my feet sticking out the bottom…

    Never mind. : )

  13. threesneakybugs says:

    I’m sitting on my couch by myself reading this and laughing out loud.

    Thank you.

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